Are You Ready to Say Goodbye to Your Adopted Home?

Relocating from Singapore can be a harrowing experience. After all, you put all your efforts into making this wonderful country your home. If you are considering moving from Singapore it’s time to plan for the new chapter in your life by organising a reliable international removalist that can help you plan your exit efficiently.

Why Are You Leaving Singapore?

All reasons are valid, of course, but some might have more weight than others and they could help you towards making a decision. If you happen to be an expat living in Singapore and your company is transferring you or you have received a new job offer somewhere else, then there is likely to be less room for pondering. Perhaps you’ve decided you love this part of the world and are keen to try another Asian country or move to Europe or America.

Perhaps you have had trouble adapting or are finding yourself becoming more and more homesick – this should not be taken lightly. Missing family and friends and spending a fortune on flights back and forth from Singapore may mean you’re ready to take the plunge to return home from Singapore.

Consider The Big Move

Living overseas is often an amazing experience that opens the doors to innumerable opportunities and often teaches you aspects of yourself you never would have learned had you stayed put in your home country. Yet, planning a complex relocation from Singapore will involve a lot of thought and planning.

To make your exit more seamless, start pre-planning your move by taking into account everything you have to consider for a smooth international move. Ask yourself, how many months or weeks will it take you to be ready? Have you made firm friends who will be sorely missed in Singapore and what will it take to stay in contact with them? Do you have kids who are affected by the move? For those with children, read our helpful article on Preparing Your Children For An International Move From Singapore.

What Will Come Next?

If you have decided to relocate from Singapore, you should be realistic about what will come next. Other than the usual stress of moving, you might face doubts about whether you made the right decision. If you are moving to another country you’ve not lived in before, you will likely know the drill of how isolating those first few weeks or months can be while you find your feet.

If you are moving back to your home country, you might have idealised scenarios of how things will be. Remember that life at home will have changed. You need to be ready for friends who might not be there anymore or family members who now have busier lives. This is not say that it won’t be an exciting chapter in your life. On the contrary, you will go back full of experiences you are probably keen to share with your loved ones. Just be mindful that it may take some time and effort to revive old relationships and start feeling as though you are truly home again.

No Person Is an Island

Whatever happens in the future, remember you do not have to face the prospect of moving overseas on your own. If you are moving from Singapore with your family, you will have unconditional support. If you are a solo traveller, talk to your friends. You will be surprised by how caring people can be when you need them the most. You can find a wealth of information, support and other expats over at

When it comes to the logistics of your international move from Singapore, you can rely heavily on the expert team at Allied. You will be allocated your own personal moving consultant, upon whom you can use as a font of necessary information and help alleviate the anxiety associated with your big leap forward.


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