Are You Moving to Singapore? 5 Things You Need to Know.

Singapore is ranked as one of the best countries in the world for expats to live and work. This Asian country has a reputation for efficiency, cleanliness and low levels of crime. Any expat moving to Singapore will probably have a long list of questions that need to be answered before the relocation.

The helpful team of expert international movers at Allied have compiled their top 5 list of things you need to know before moving to the Lion City.


Expats moving to Singapore come from every corner of the world. Whether you hail from a small country town or a big city overseas, you’ll find Singapore’s exotic multi-cultural vibe a breath of fresh air. The city is rich in customs as its population combines many expats and locals from numerous countries. The main ethnicities you’ll encounter are Malay, Chinese, Indian and Eurasian. It is common to hear Malay and Mandarin, but English is widely spoken. Before arriving in Singapore if you can, try to familiarise yourself with Singlish, a unique mix of English, Malay and Chinese.


While you will be expecting Singapore to be hot, it may take some time to adjust to its humid tropical climate. The country doesn’t have four distinct seasons but there are two monsoon seasons from June to September and December to March. Humidity is high throughout the year so wear loose-fitting clothing to avoid discomfort. If you’re Caucasian, wearing sunscreen and a hat every day is a must. Although almost all buildings are equipped with air conditioning, it will be easier to adjust to the weather if you don’t rely on it all the time.


Singapore has an established public transport infrastructure. Cars are quite expensive and heavily taxed, so most people use the MRT subway system or catch Ubers. If you can afford a vehicle, they can be quite handy, especially for journeys to Malaysia or other nearby countries. However, any expat moving to Singapore can rely on the extensive public transport network for their daily commute around the city.


If you are used to socialising in clubs and bars, this may very well prove to be a costlier activity in Singapore. The government has imposed heavy taxes on alcohol. Expect to pay high prices at clubs. However, you can always encounter “happy hour” deals or women can take advantage of the many ladies’ nights offered at local bars. If you want to have a drink while enjoying a meal, you can pay more reasonable prices at a hawker centre.


A visit to a hawker centre is a must for anyone who wishes to indulge and try local food. When you are there, you might come across packets of tissues on tables. This means that the table is reserved and that someone is queuing up or waiting for their food. Expect this to happen at restaurants and cafés as well. Always make sure there are no other objects, such as scarves or beverage bottles, indicating that a table has been taken. This practice is known in Singapore as ‘Choping’.

Any expat moving to Singapore is sure to love discovering the customs that make Singapore so distinctive. At Allied, we are ready to take care of the relocation process, so you can spend more time learning about your new adoptive country.

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