5 Things Moving Insurance Covers You For

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Moving is often a monumental task that comes with so many mixed emotions. You might be looking forward to starting a new chapter in your life or you may have been offered a job in another country.

Whatever the reason for the move, you will no doubt find it hard to avoid feelings of anxiousness regarding the whole process. Imagine how much harder the process becomes if you were to arrive at your destination, open one of your boxes and find your precious items have been damaged. To avoid the tears and tantrums of breakages or loss, moving insurance in Singapore is highly recommended.

The Allied team in Singapore makes every effort to ensure your belongings make it to your new home safely. However, mishaps can occur and although we have protocols in place to minimise the risk of loss or damage, we strongly suggest insuring your move.


5 Things Moving Insurance Covers 

Here are 5 essentials that Allied covers within our moving insurance policies:

Items Damaged During Transit

Professional Singapore movers are trained to pack a truck carefully in order to avoid contents from moving around during transportation. If our teams have packed your property and any items sustain damage during transit, this will be covered by insurance.

Boxes Packed by the Moving Company

Our packers use the best materials available to protect every single item. They will use enough materials and strategically pack each box.
If something has gone amiss during the packing process and this has resulted in your items being harmed, the damages are covered by insurance. Keep in mind we cannot respond for damage to items that have not been properly packed by the homeowner, as per Point 1.

Items Lost in Transit

We suggest numbering your boxes to avoid leaving anything behind. If something has been lost during transportation, the loss is covered by insurance. Writing an inventory that details how many boxes you have and what each one contains will make it much easier for you to check that everything has arrived safely in your new home.

Valuable Items

If you have high-value belongings, you are advised to purchase an insurance policy that provides more comprehensive cover. Our standard insurance policy offers a lump sum based on the volume of the shipment. This is not the best option for property of higher value. Our Valued Inventory insurance will cover your precious possessions for extra peace of mind.


Large items of furniture are also covered against damage if they have been listed as being in good condition at the time of the move.
Please keep in mind that any self-assembly pieces must be flat-packed. Please note that if you disassembled the items yourself our Singapore movers are not responsible for lost screws or other small parts.
Whitegoods, such as washing machines and refrigerators, are also covered against damage. Always make sure that drawers are empty as anything hidden will not be covered by our policies.

You want a safe move for yourself and your family, as well as your beloved belongings, therefore moving insurance is a valuable asset to help avoid the stress of losing or breaking property that is so valuable to you.

Whether items are sentimental, expensive or just plain inconvenient if you find out you don’t have them when you need them, Allied moving insurance can make the process of moving to or from Singapore so much easier. To find out more about our insurance options, call us on 65 6690 2484 or use the contact form on our website https://www.alliedpickfords.com.sg/contact-us.