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Tauranga's Expert Movers

Moving can be a life-changing experience that can bring a rush of personal and logistical challenges. The endless list of tasks to complete can easily become a daunting prospect. At Allied, we understand the technical and the personal side of moving. We provide professional moving services that are fast, affordable and friendly. Whether you need furniture removal, packing assistance or a helping hand throughout your move, our team is committed to making your experience easy and stress-free. Moving should be an exciting time in your life, let us take care of the heavy lifting so that you can focus on the important parts.

Move with Tauranga's Best and Most Trusted

It can feel like a leap into the unknown when you move homes, which is why we aim to bring you as much certainty and support as possible. Part of this means offering clear communication throughout the entire process. This ensures that you are informed every step of the way and have an open line of communication should you need anything extra from us.

The other part is training our staff to the highest industry standard. Our team uses the most trusted packing and moving techniques, including the most durable and reliable packing materials and supplies. This provides the greatest level of safety and protection to your belongings during transit. When you enlist the help of our Tauranga movers, you are getting the support of a professional moving service that is fast, friendly, supportive and reliable.


Tauranga Moving Services
8am-5pm Mon-Fri (closed Sat-Sun)
Unit 3/2 Keahi Rise, Tauriko, Tauranga, NORTH 3171
Ph (07) 543 4985

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Our Tauranga Furniture Removal Services

Every move is different because your circumstances are unique. That’s why we offer a complete range of specialised moving services to meet your needs. Our Tauranga movers have been helping families and individuals in your community to relocate for years. So whether you’re planning to move across the road, or across the globe, our professional moving service can help make it happen.

Local Moving

We help people move in Tauranga everyday. While moving locally may not require you to move far, it carries with it all the same challenges of packing, furniture removal, transportation and unpacking. These jobs still take up a lot of time in your schedule and add unnecessary stress to your life. During times of change, a helping hand can ease the burden and make your transition an easier and more enjoyable experience. With free quotes available for all of our moving services, and experienced moving consultants available to discuss your needs, we can help you create a local moving plan that works for you.

Learn more about moving locally with Allied

Inter-Island Moving

Our network in New Zealand includes 11 offices strategically located across the two islands, a fleet of more than 100 vehicles and a workforce with over 300 highly trained professionals. Through this invaluable resource we help families, businesses and individuals with smooth and successful inter-island moves. We provide our full range of moving services to help you move between Tauranga and anywhere in the country without any hassle. We organise moving trucks and shipping containers to transport your items on your schedule. This grants you the flexibility to make your inter-island move meet your budget and timing requirements.

Learn more about moving inter-island with Allied

International Moving

We can help you move from Tauranga to anywhere in the world with confidence. Allied maintains the largest and longest running global moving network in the world. Our offices span across every continent and utilise almost 400 years of industry experience. Through our network and 24/7 global tracking systems, we provide customers with seamless support from door to door. This means that you can count on the same quality of communication and service when we help you pack in Tauranga, as when we help you unpack in any city or town around the world that you require. International moving is easy when you have the most experienced movers in the world on your side.

Learn more about moving overseas with Allied

Packing Services

Have you ever considered how easy moving would be if you didn’t have to pack or unpack? All you’d have to do is get yourself to your new home and enjoy getting settled without any of the hassle. Well such a fantasy is possible with our professional packing services. Our experienced Tauranga movers can sort, wrap, pack and label your items and furniture for you. Using the highest quality packing materials and the latest innovations in packing techniques, our packing services provide your belongings with the best protection and support during their journey. Our approach makes certain that your items will arrive safely at their destination in the same condition as when they left. If you choose our comprehensive unpacking service, we will help you get settled in your new home without you needing to lift a finger.

Learn more about packing services with Allied

Furniture Storage

Whether you’re moving between homes, renovating your current place or heading away for a while, furniture can often be a challenge to deal with. Our cutting edge storage facilities in Tauranga provide the perfect solution. With completely flexible timeframes, you can easily have your items securely stored for whatever length of time suits you. Short term storage can be ideal for anyone renovating their home or between houses. For those setting off overseas or without enough space in their current place, our long term storage options can ensure your items are preserved in the same condition for as long as you need. Our storage facilities are inaccessible to the public and monitored 24/7 with CCTV security to ensure the safety of your items. Each storage unit is fully sealed, ensuring the preservation and protection of your valuables by preventing exposure to dust, dirt or water. Our team will pack your items, providing the highest level protection through our durable packing materials. Your items will be safely transported to the facility by our trained removal staff, guaranteeing safe transit and minimal interruption to your schedule.

Learn more about furniture storage with Allied

Removals Insurance

It is highly recommended that you financially protect yourself from unforeseen circumstances with a comprehensive insurance policy. We take every precaution to provide your valuables with the highest level of protection and support while they are in our care. This includes constant training of our staff in the latest innovations in safe packing and transportation methods. We always use the most durable boxes and packing material and treat your furniture and other belongings with care. However, even with all of these precautions there are outside forces beyond our control. Extreme weather, vibrations, shock, pressure, third-party accidents from rail, air and shipping companies can all result in the condition of your belongings being compromised. To protect our customers and provide peace of mind, we offer one of the most comprehensive insurance policies on the market. Our range of insurance options are flexible and offer our customers cover for their valuables up to their full replacement value.

Learn more about transit insurance with Allied

We offer additional services to make your move easier

What our customers are saying

Tauranga’s Best Movers

It’s important to know your belongings are in safe hands when trusting a professional moving company to help you move homes. We are Tauranga’s best movers because of our commitment to quality customer service. Never content to rest on our impeccable track record, we are determined to ensure that every move we do is of the same great standard. That’s why we have a quality assurance policy that guarantees you will receive the same quality of professionalism, reliability and responsibility any time you move with us.

Through our global network of moving resources we provide our customers with complete peace of mind through 24/7 package tracking and monitoring. Whether you’re moving locally, inter-island or internationally, choosing Allied moving services in Tauranga puts the power of our global systems and hundreds of years of experience on your side.


Why Choose Allied as your Tauranga Movers?

Allied Tauranga will take care of your move from start to finish. With over 40 years experience, you can have confidence that you move is handled by the most experienced and professional movers in the industry.

Get help from experienced professionals

Allied Tauranga has been making moving easy since the 1980s. As the oldest and most trusted moving service in the world, Allied offers unmatched experience in moving, packing and furniture removal services. This has made Allied a global leader in the industry.

A global network with world class systems

Our team brings local knowledge and skills to Allied’s network that spans over 600 locations around the globe. Through this network we have developed a 24/7 tracking system that enables us to monitor the progress of your items throughout their journey, wherever they are in the world. This world class system prevents the loss of items during transit and removes all uncertainty about the location, safety and condition of your valuables.

Assistance that begins before you move

There are many additional services beyond furniture removal that our Tauranga team can assist you with to make your move an easier and more enjoyable experience. Our pre-move services include the preparation of your kitchen to get everything ready for transit. Cleaning, drying and preparing all kitchenware and white goods for transportation can save you a lot of time and effort while freeing up your personal schedule. This can include pantry-checks to ready your food items for packing and discarding items not suitable for transport.

Help with every step of the process

  • Pet transportation: It’s important to plan the transportation of your pet ahead of time so that they are given the proper care and support during the journey. If you’re moving internationally, our specialists can guide you through the quarantine requirements and government regulations for bringing a pet into the country.
  • Vehicle transportation: We can arrange for the transportation or storage of any of your vehicles. Cars, trailers, boats, motorbikes or caravans can be an extra logistical challenge for you to organise during a move.
  • Post-move services: Our help doesn’t have to end once you’ve reached your destination. Post-move services such as valet unpacking, wiping down surfaces and organising your belongings in your new home are very popular.
  • Home cleaning and handyman services: We can arrange cleaners and handyman specialists for you. Whether you need to do a final clean of your old house, get your new home looking great or fix anything out of order, we’ll happily sort this out for you. Any task you need completed, simply reach out to our move consultants and they’ll arrange to meet any needs or requirements you may have.

Affordable and reliable removal services in Tauranga

Our Tauranga movers are highly trained, friendly and professional. They are there to help make your moving day as successful and stress-free as possible. The packers and movers on our team are trained and qualified to NZQA standards. The team is always determined to provide the highest quality service and ready to meet any special needs or requirements that you may have.

Movers you can trust

We proudly boast an exceptional track record of delivering smooth and successful home relocations, packing, transport and storage services. You should never settle for anything less than the best in terms of experience, commitment to quality service and cutting edge moving resources. Allied has more local resources to meet your moving needs than any other furniture movers in Tauranga and the Bay of Plenty region.

We’ve been improving industry standards and innovating new methods for excellent moving processes for almost 400 years. When it comes to choosing a company to trust with your move, there’s no one more qualified than Allied. Reach out to our friendly customer service team today to find out how we can help with your next move.

Book your move with the Tauranga Allied team today!

Other locations on the North Island


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8am-5pm Mon-Fri (closed Sat-Sun)
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Unit 3/2 Keahi Rise, Tauriko, Tauranga, NORTH 3171
Ph (07) 543 4985


Wellington Moving Services
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