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Inter-island Moving

Inter-island moves can be stressful and overwhelming due to their complex logistics. Whether you are moving for a change of scenery or relocating your business, it can be a tricky process to safely and securely transport your belongings across the country. With Allied, you can rely on our professional team of movers to make your relocation easy, efficient and affordable.

As New Zealand's largest moving company, we can help you relocate anywhere across the country. Regardless of whether you are moving from the bottom of the South Island to the very top of the North Island, our 10 locations spread across all major cities and regions will make it seamless. You can rely on Allied for excellent customer service which caters for your moving needs.

Inter-island Transportation

Crossing the Cook Strait, or Te Moana-o-Raukawa, is no easy feat. Considered one of the most dangerous waterways in the world, it can be nerve wracking organising your belongings to move inter-island by yourself. Take the stress out of your move by choosing a highly skilled and experienced moving service such as Allied. We’ve helped thousands of Kiwi families and businesses move inter-island. We’ll focus on the logistics so you can concentrate on what really matters.

When it comes to moving inter-island, we provide three options for transporting your belongings across the Strait. Every move is different so our options provide differing alternatives on cost and time.

Air Freight

Short on time? Choose air freight for efficiency.

Our air freight service is the most efficient of our inter-island transportation options. Using air freight makes your move speedy and efficient, enabling you to receive your belongings quickly and minimise disruption. However, due to its efficiency, air freight is also the most expensive option.

Sea Freight

If you’re moving everything but the kitchen sink, choose sea freight.

Sea freight is ideal when you need to move large items such as furniture, gym equipment, and musical instruments. Although it is much more affordable than air freight, shipping via sea does take a little longer so prepare accordingly.

Moving Truck

If you want popular and easy, choose moving truck hire.

Transporting belongings using a moving truck is a popular option for Kiwis moving inter-island. The truck will use a ferry service as there is no bridge or tunnel across the Strait, so the moving time is similar to sea freight. Using a moving truck means Allied can oversee your belongings throughout the entire journey.

If you’re unsure about what transportation service is best suited for your inter-island relocation, get in touch with our friendly team. We can cater for your requirements and coordinate a stress-free move.

Additional moving services

When it comes to moving inter-island, Allied can provide you with the full end to end experience. There’s no need to worry over the logistics of packing, moving your pet or car, or storing your belongings. Let Allied take care of the details so you can focus on preparing to enjoy your new home.


When moving inter-island it can be tricky to determine what to pack. With our flexible storage solutions, you can store your belongings and furniture according to your specific needs. Our storage service will enable you to store precious items without worry of damage from water, verbatim, dust and dirt.

Find out more on how we securely store your items here.

Packing and Unpacking

Inter-island travel is already stressful so why not trust Allied to assist with the packing? Our team of trained packing and moving experts will prepare your furniture and belongings to travel securely and safely. With our NZQA Approved Training System, you can rely on Allied to pack and handle your precious belongings with care.

Find more information on our packing service here.


Life can be unpredictable! Even with the coordination of expert movers such as Allied, sometimes your belongings can become damaged or lost during the inter-island moving process. As these accidents are often out of your control, you can feel more secure and relaxed about your move with our transit and storage insurance. Our comprehensive policy will give you peace of mind during the move and when disaster strikes.

Organise your transit and storage insurance here.

Pet and Vehicle Transportation

The logistics of relocating can be difficult to organise, even without the added complexity of moving with a pet or vehicle. As experienced moving professionals, Allied can ensure that your beloved pet or vehicle safely makes the journey across the Strait and to your new home. You have peace of mind that your pet or vehicle will be transported and handled by experts.

Learn more about pet and vehicle transportation.