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Additional Services

Allied provide a range of additional services to assist you during the moving process. Imagine how you will feel, relaxed and organised in your new home. Allied can pay complete attention to your pre-move and post-move needs. The following services are available in most locations:

Pre-Move Services

  • Preparing your kitchen
  • Clean your white goods for transit
  • Wash dishes and dry, check and empty dishwasher
  • Do a thorough pantry check, tighten lids, and discard items not suitable for transport or storage

Organising your belongings

  • Help sort your items for storage, shipping, freight, packing
  • Separate valuable items; passports, airline tickets, keys
  • Prepare a survival kit of special essentials for your first night in your new home; remotes, cables, baby items, kettle, tea, coffee, bathroom needs

Assisting with your move

  • Notify charities of unwanted goods
  • Pack the car for your car trip if travelling interstate – maps, esky, blankets, hamper
  • Client reminders - double check shed, garage, attic, underneath the house
  • Client countdown checklist – hand over keys, forward mail, utility connection, dry cleaning

Giving you a helping hand

  • Clean washing machine, check clothing and empty steam iron
  • Remove batteries from cassettes, radio, clocks
  • Discard dangerous goods not suitable for transport; paint, pesticides, gas cylinders, etc

Post-Move Services

  • Valet unpacking
  • Wipe cupboards and shelves ready for your belongings
  • Unpack cartons and place contents into cupboards; crockery, kitchen goods, personal items
  • Organise children’s toys and baby goods
  • Empty packing cartons and have them ready for collection

Completing your home

  • Place food items in pantry and fridge
  • Organise your new wardrobe, put away and hang your clothing
  • Set up your bedroom and make the beds
  • Organise and sort the linen cupboard
  • Arrange books neatly on book shelves
  • Place your silverware and crystalware back in place
  • Arrange CDs, DVDs etc in their new place
  • To arrange these services, simply talk to your Move Consultant, and we will organise it all for you. We offer affordable valet solutions, so relax, and let us carry the load!

Home Cleaning Services

When moving house, there are many things to organise, including cleaning the house! House cleaning specialists can be organised for you at the time of your booking. Whether you need a hand in your old home or new home, we can arrange professional cleaners to take care of everything for you.

Standard cleaning services include:


  • Clean and disinfect basins, vanities, mirrors, shower area and bath
  • Clean and disinfect toilets, wall tiles
  • Dust/wet wipe windowsills, dust light fittings, wipe down exhaust fans, sweep and mop floors


  • Clean/disinfect sinks and taps
  • Wet wipe all tiles and light switches
  • Dust/wipe exhaust fans
  • Dust light fittings
  • Dust/wet wipe windowsills
  • Sweep and mop floors


  • All cupboards cleaned, internally and externally
  • Wet wipe/disinfect bench/counter tops
  • Clean/disinfect sink, taps
  • Wet wipe windowsills
  • Sweep and mop floor

Lounge / Dining / Family / Bedrooms

  • Dust all cupboards and wardrobes, clean all skirting boards
  • Spot clean walls and switches, light fittings
  • Dust/wet wipe windowsills
  • Dust ceiling fans
  • Thorough vacuum of carpets

Garage and Patios

  • General sweep/blow clean

Additional Services Available

  • Oven/grill clean
  • Carpet steam clean
  • Clean all windows external and internal

Home Handyman Services

Allied can assist you with arranging handyman services in most locations. Handyman services can include hanging pictures, assembling swings and trampolines as well as changing plugs when you are in your new location overseas. Simply ask one of our moving consultants for more information on this service.

Utility Connections

We can arrange the connections for power, phones, broadband, gas, home and contents insurance, pay TV and many more services with just one call! We offer multiple options for all utilities and work with NZ’s most trusted brands. Click here to find out more.