Moving to Australia Checklist

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Are you moving to Australia from New Zealand? Just like any other international move, relocating across the Tasman Sea will involve some careful planning and organising to ensure everything runs smoothly! Instead of tackling everything the night before, we’ve created this comprehensive checklist to help you prepare in preparation for your move. 

As one of New Zealand’s most trusted international movers, we are highly experienced in helping Kiwis relocate to Australia. No matter if you are relocating to Perth or Melbourne, our handy moving to Australia checklist has everything you need to do before the big day! 

Our moving checklist

3 months before you leave

With the countdown to your move beginning, you’ll want to get started on preparing for your move as soon as possible! Here’s what you need to do when you have three months before relocating. 

  • Check your New Zealand passport is still valid, needs to be valid for more than 6 months to enter to Australia

  • Ensure you meet the eligibility criteria for the Special Category visa (SCV) or apply for another visa to live, work or study in Australia

  • Book your flights to Australia

  • Find employment or learn about setting up a business in Australia here

  • Arrange Electoral Roll transfer

  • Advise the New Zealand taxation office and apply for a tax file number from the Australian taxation office

  • Begin looking for accommodation 


4 weeks before you leave

As you only have a month before you move, preparations need to ramp up. Most importantly, you need to book your moving company to organise your move! Following that, you can then get started on decluttering and organising the administration side of your move. 

  • Book an experienced international moving company to handle your move

  • Set up an Australian bank account and transfer money so you have access to funds once you arrive

  • Gather all essential documents such as birth certificates, marriage certificates, driver’s licence, etc

  • Book any related moving services such as pet relocation and vehicle transportation

  • Declutter - start sorting through your things, sell or donate any unwanted items

  • Attend dentist and doctor appointments and notify the clinic/practice about your relocation

  • Notify your post office to redirect your mail

  • Cancel all utility services (such as water, electricity, gas)

  • Take your pet to the vet for a check-up and for any required vaccinations

  • Create a packing list and begin packing any seasonal, decorative or other items

  • Organise transit insurance for the relocation and/or storage items

  • Contact professional packing service to arrange packing details

  • Prepare your car for relocation by having it serviced by a mechanic

  • Inform your employer about your notice period

  • Begin sourcing moving boxes and other packing materials from your moving company


2 weeks before you leave

With a fortnight to go till moving day, your packing should be well underway! You’ll also want to begin setting up your new home in Australia and handle the remaining administrative tasks. 

  • Arrange for items to be delivered to storage facility 

  • Give away any indoor or outdoor plants

  • Check you are not bringing any restricted items into Australia

  • Pay any outstanding bills 

  • Arrange utilities for new home in Australia

  • Record serial numbers and other essential information for electronic, fragile and other special items 

  • Cancel delivery services such as newspapers, milk & bread and any other relevant services

  • Review pantry and freezer items, dispose of expired or unwanted items and give away/donate any canned goods or unused items

  • Ensure your prescriptions are up to date and can be filled in Australia

  • Take photographs of electronic set-ups (such as televisions) to use a guide for reassembling 


1 week before you leave

As there is only a week to go before the big move, your packing should be almost finished (unless you are using a professional packing service). Avoid purchasing any more perishable items and 

  • Wash and dry anything unpacked clothing and kitchen items

  • Continue packing remaining household items and disassemble furniture 

  • Use the remaining food and pantry items, give away anything unused

  • Celebrate your move with a goodbye party or gathering

  • Organise a cleaning service to clean the property after you leave


2 days before you leave

Now is the time to tie up any loose ends before your move and prepare your larger whitegoods and appliances for the move. If you are relocating with a pet, you’ll need to prepare them for the relocation as well. 

  • Remove all items from the fridge and freeze, and unplug to defrost

  • Print out the flight itinerary and any other relevant information

  • Finish your packing 

  • Create an essentials bag to keep with you throughout the move, you can include items such as phone chargers, important documentation, medication etc  

  • Disconnect washing machine and drain water pipe

  • Weigh luggage for the flight to Australia to ensure it meets weight requirements

  • Prepare pet for relocation by familiarising them with transport carrier and pack all relevant paperwork, belongings and food


The night before you leave

With the big day just ahead of you, everything should be organised and packed for the move. Ensure that your devices are charged and your essentials bag is on hand. 

  • Disassemble bed frame (if haven’t already)

  • Pack all remaining items aside from essentials bag

  • Charge all devices such as phone, computer, headphones etc

  • Reduce food intake for pet (if advised by vet and pet relocation service)

  • Review your packing and moving checklist for anything forgotten

Moving day

The big day has finally arrived! 

  • After your movers arrive, take the time to talk through the move and raise any possible concerns or questions you may have

  • Empty all rubbish bins

  • Return keys to the landlord or real estate agent

  • Perform a ‘walk-through’ with the moving company to check no belongings have been forgotten. 


Plan your specific move

If you need additional assistance in how to best plan and organise your move to Australia, you ask the experts! Allied is here to help and our dedicated moving consultants can advise  on how you can prepare for your specific international move. To learn about moving to Australia with Allied, get in touch with our team or visit this page for more information.