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Make moving from New Zealand to Perth a hassle-free experience with Allied!

There’s no doubt that an international move is a big undertaking, with significant organisation and planning involved. However, using the right moving company to assist with your move to Australia can make it a smooth and stress free experience! As Allied has assisted in many moves from New Zealand to Perth so we are the number one choice for your relocation!

With our expansive global network, we are able to help with your move every single step of the way! From wherever you are living in New Zealand to your new home in Perth, our dedicated moving consultants will take care of all your moving logistics and give your regular updates.

You can receive a free quote for your move to Perth by filling out our quote form above, or get in touch today!

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Ready to make your move from New Zealand to Perth? Allied is here to ensure your relocation is a breeze! You can receive a free quote specific to your unique moving requirements and book your move today.


Preparing for your move to Perth

Whilst it may be known as the most isolated capital city on Earth, Perth is a thriving metropolis! Incredible beaches, a pleasant climate and a flourishing economy, people across the globe are flocking to take advantage of the great quality of life offered in Perth. But before you are able to begin enjoying everything opportunity and adventure that is up for offer in Perth, you will need to plan your move!

There’s more to packing and transporting your belongings and furniture when moving to Perth. You’ll also need to manage the customs and border regulations as well as all the other required logistics for an international move. Due to our abundance of experience and expertise, we will handle the finer details involved. Allied is able to handle every single aspect of your relocation thanks to our wide range of moving services. From pet relocation to additional services like home cleaning, we’ve got you covered! Our expert team will also advise you on all relevant Perth customs and international relocation requirements.

Allied is a moving company who prides itself on door-to-door service. If you choose to move with Allied, you will maximise convenience and have peace of mind knowing the same moving company is handling your precious possessions throughout the entire relocation.

Our additional moving services

Secure Storage

If you don’t want to take everything with you to Perth, you can store your belongings and furniture in our secure storage facilities! Not only do we offer secure short and long term storage services across New Zealand, but you can also store your precious items in Perth after you arrive. Allied provides maximum delivery so you can receive your belongings directly to your door when you want them. Allied will ensure that your beloved items are safe through our 24/7 CCTV security monitoring and stringent inventory management systems.

Learn more about furniture storage with Allied

Packing Services

We understand that packing for an international move is a tedious and time-consuming task. But if you neglect your packing, your belongings and furniture run the risk of being less secure for the move and could be possibly damaged during transit. That’s why we recommend using a professional packing and unpacking service so your items arrive in Perth, safe and sound! Allied has packers and movers in Perth who will be ready to help unpack and set up your new home. Want to pack your own items? We can provide industrial-strength wrapping materials and moving boxes to protect your items. Reduce stress during your move with our packing and unpacking services.

Learn more about packing services with Allied

Removals Insurance

Allied is known for being the most careful and considerate movers, however unfortunate and rare accidents and circumstances can still occur during an international move. That is why we offer comprehensive transit and storage insurance options so you have complete peace of mind throughout your relocation to Perth. Our wide range of insurance plans will suit your specific needs and your unique move.

Learn more about transit insurance with Allied

Vehicle Transport

Do you want to transport your vehicle from New Zealand to Perth? Allied is here to make it easy with our vehicle transportation service! We are able to handle all the logistics involved in shipping your car, and have the right expertise to understand all the Australian Government requirements, fees and bureaucratic processes. Choosing to relocate your vehicle with Allied means you are in safe hands and your car will arrive in Perth without issue.

Learn more about vehicle transport with Allied

Award winning international movers

As the leading provider of International moving services around the world Allied are the international removalists team you can trust to deliver your effects safely. With a network of over 600 global locations, we have helped over 160,000 customers move overseas over the past 10 years alone!

Moving to Perth FAQs

Does Allied have movers in Perth?

As Allied has a global network of movers, yes we do have a Perth moving team. This means we can assist with your move from New Zealand with door-to-door service.

Is it worth moving to Perth from New Zealand?

The majority of Kiwis choose to move to Perth due to the abundance of job opportunities, however, the great weather, beautiful nature and relaxed lifestyle are also big drawcards. Perth is also ideal for those wanting to be close to Asia and Africa for work, travel or personal reasons. It’s easy to see why so many Kiwis are choosing to make Perth their new home.

Are my items financially covered in case of an accident?

As relocating to Perth involves your belongings travelling 5,270 kilometres from New Zealand, there is a level of risk. Allied can provide you with complete peace of mind thanks to our comprehensive transit insurance.

How far in advance should I book my international move to Perth?

Allied recommends organising and booking your international move to Perth as soon as you know you are moving or at least four weeks prior to your move date. This helps to reduce stress and ensure that your removalists are available on your desired date. Allied can accommodate short notice international moves. Get in touch with us to discuss your move to Perth.

How do I pack my large items, like furniture?

Packing large items, including furniture and appliances, for an international move can be tricky if you don’t know what you are doing. We provide a professional packing service so all your precious items are ready for their trip to Perth. Not only will our packing service enable you to save time, but it will ensure that your important items are given the highest level of protection for the long haul trip.

Can I do my own packing?

We understand that some people would prefer to pack their own belongings themselves, however any items being moved internationally or by air-freight will need to be packed by Allied - speak with our helpful team for more information.

Moving can be stressful

Speak with Allied about services to ease the stress.