United Kingdom

United Kingdom Fact Sheet

Customs Regulations

Used household and personal effects can be imported to the UK duty free, provided they have been owned and used outside the UK/European Community (EC) for at least six months and the owner has been living (main residence) outside the UK/EC for at least 12 months prior to importation, and is now transferring main residence to the UK. Import of household effects to or from a secondary residence are subject to duty and tax.

Documents required

  • UK C3 Customs form
  • UK C3 Customs guidance form
  • UK-Jersey/Guernsey Import Declaration form, for goods going to the Channel Islands
  • Passport copy – scan quality of biography page

Environmental Protection

In line with all Countries around the Globe importation to United Kingdom of foodstuffs or plant materials in a household effects shipment is not recommended and may be prohibited, or may require a permit and any special examination may cause delays and add inspection costs.

Allied local offices

BarkingBristolDumfriesHorshamMilton KeynesPlymouthSwindon
BirminghamChelmsfordGloucesterMaidstoneOxfordSouthamptonWest London


Local to your new home

Allied are part of the worldwide Allied Network, who have long-established Allied offices in the UK. We offer assistance with documentation and clearances and once Customs are finalised, we will contact you to arrange delivery to your new home.

Indicative transit times are as follows:

 GroupageFull Container
The UK8-12 weeks7-9 weeks
Europe via UK12-16 weeks 



Pets are permitted entry into the United Kingdom, but will be subject to the following:

  • Pet must be microchipped
  • Rabies vaccination – compulsory after micro chip
  • Blood test – to check on rabies vaccination after set period
  • Tapeworm treatment (for Dogs only)
  • Third Country Veterinary certificate
  • Arrange travel through an authorised route
  • Quarantine period may be compulsory

The logistics are detailed and for this reason we would recommend asking Pickfords to refer you to an approved specialist in this area.

Motor vehicles

Returning or foreign citizens may import a vehicle duty free into the UK, provided that the vehicle has been owned and used overseas for over six months prior to Importation and the owner has lives outside the UK for at least 12 months and is moving their normal home to the UK. Any vehicle must comply with UK standards – more information available at Purchase receipts, service invoices and Insurance certificates are required together with the relevant Customs form.


Most modern televisions will work in the United Kingdom. The broadcast system in the UK is PAL-based but TV sets with a differing PAL broadcast system will need to be connected to a UK Digital TV receiver. A UK TV Licence must also be purchased.

Electrical items

Electrical items should generally work on the UK system, though it is always worth checking with the manufacturer if you have any concerns.

Prohibited items

  • Controlled drugs
  • Firearms, flick knives, some martial arts weapons
  • Indecent or offensive material
  • Counterfeit and pirated goods
  • Meat, poultry, milk and other animal products
  • Radio transmitters and cordless telephones not approved in the UK

Restricted items or items likely to attract interest

  • Cereals, rice products flour and nuts, meat, poultry, fish and dairy products
  • Alcohol and Tobacco – in freight shipments both will attract duty and tax, in most cases it is cheaper to buy the product in the UK, rather than to pay an overseas purchase price plus the taxes and duties.