Who To Notify When Moving To Another Country

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So, you’ve decided to leave Australia behind and move overseas! While you may be excited to pack your bags and book the next flight to your new home, there is a significant amount of preparation required for your overseas move. Aside from packing your belongings, applying for a new job or university, and looking for somewhere to live, you’ll also need to prepare to leave your home country and inform some people about your departure. Here’s who you should notify when you are moving to another country.

Friends and family

The first people you should notify that you are moving overseas are your friends and family! It’s best to let them know as soon as you’ve decided to move and inform them yourself instead of allowing them to hear through the grapevine. Telling friends and family about your move can be emotional, and you may receive a mix of responses with some happy for your adventure and others being upset you are leaving. You may need to give a few weeks notice if you are wanting to host a goodbye party or to allow time to schedule catch-ups. 


Depending on your type of work and existing contract, you may be required to give a specific amount of time notice before resigning. It’s usually considered good manners to give at least four weeks' notice of your leaving date to your employer, enabling them enough time to find a suitable replacement. Even if you are moving overseas and staying within the same company, you’ll still need to let your team or co-workers know that you are relocating to a different country. 


Even if you are only moving overseas for a few months, you should let your bank know that you are abroad. Otherwise, they may suspend your debit or credit cards while you are overseas as it may be flagged for suspicious activity. You’ll also need to start thinking about how you will access your funds once overseas. Depending on where you are relocating to, you may need to acquire residency or proof of address before you can open a local bank account. Do your research before you leave and ensure to have some funds in a credit card you can use overseas. 

If you are moving for an extended period of time, you may be thinking of closing all your Australian bank accounts. Keep in mind that it is handy to have an open bank account in case you need to pay any outstanding bills, for tax purposes and general convenience. 

The Australian Taxation Office

As mentioned above, it can be beneficial to keep an Australian bank account open for tax reasons. As an Australian citizen, you are required to lodge a tax return with the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) even if you are living overseas. If you have any study loans (such as a HELP/HECS loan, VET student loan and Trade support loan), you have the same obligations to repay it, even if you are out of the country. You’ll need to inform the ATO seven days before departure by updating your contact details and submitting an overseas travel notification.

Utility Companies

You’ll need to notify your utility companies (including electricity, gas, water and internet) that you would like to cancel your service before you leave. It’s best to inform them a month or so before your preferred end date. You may also be required to pay any cancellation fees if you are ending your service before the contracted period. If you are transferring the utility from one name to another, it’s best to do so a few weeks before you leave.  


From streaming services to meal kit subscriptions, it’s best to cancel all your subscriptions before you relocate overseas. Otherwise, you may find you’ll be paying for a service you are not using or run into trouble for unpaid bills. It’s best to cancel before your next billing date if you are paying monthly and if paid yearly, give someone else the password or change the receiving address so they can reap the benefits. 


It’s important to inform your insurance companies, including medical and home and contents providers, that you’ll be moving overseas. If your health insurance provides international insurance, you’ll likely need to switch plans or cancel your existing one. Having medical insurance overseas is critical so research companies who can insure you while working or studying overseas and budget accordingly. Don’t forget that insurance also includes your car insurance and other registration details, you’ll need to cancel or transfer ownership.

Real estate agent 

If you are currently renting, you’ll need to notify your real estate agent and other tenants to remove your name from the lease. If you don’t do this, you will still be liable for the property and paying for rent. If you own your property, then you should arrange for it to either be rented or sold. Trying to arrange for your home to be sold while you are overseas can be difficult, so approach a real estate agent about selling as soon as you know that you are moving.


It’s time for a check-up! Before you move overseas, it’s a good idea to arrange some medical check-ups such as a visit to your local GP and dentist. If you are regularly taking any medication, discuss your move with your doctor and do some research to see if your medical will be accessible in your new country. You may also want to discuss your move with any other medical practitioners in your life such as a therapist and physiotherapist, and decide how you will progress with your treatment plan. 


While it can be difficult to explain to your pet that you are moving, you will still need to notify people in your pet’s life about your relocation overseas. You’ll also need to decide whether you are taking them overseas with you or not. Depending on where you are moving to there may be some restrictions on bringing pets into the country. It is a difficult and emotional decision so ensure to take the time to consider all options. 

Regardless of whether you are taking your pet with you overseas, you should take them in for a regular check-up to the vet and let them know that you are leaving the country. If you are deciding to rehome your pet, reach out to friends, family, colleagues and anyone else who may be interested in adopting them. You should allow a few weeks for the pet to get used to their new home and settle them into a new routine. It’s important to remember to change the details on their microchip and any other relevant documentation. 

In the case of taking your furry or feathered with you overseas, you’ll need to find out the quarantine and vaccination requirements specific to the country you are moving to. A pet relocation service can advise on how best to relocate your pet and what is required to make the move. 

Phone Provider

Mobile phones are an important part of everyday life and you will likely need access to a mobile after you move overseas. Depending on your existing mobile plan and set-up, you may need to inform your phone provider about your move. If you are using a mobile which is included in your plan, you may need to contact your provider to ‘unlock’ the phone and pay a small fee so you can use it with an overseas sim card and network. Majority of phones become ‘unlocked’ after 5 years and if you’ve brought your phone outright, you won’t need to worry about ‘unlocking’ your phone from the network. Don’t forget to cancel your contract otherwise you may risk some expensive charges if you use your phone overseas. 


Not sure if you are able to take everything with you overseas? It’s time to contact a storage provider to arrange your belongings and furniture to be securely stored. A high quality storage provider should offer a range of long and short-term storage options in a climate controlled and monitored environment. It’s also recommended to use a storage company with a global network as they’ll be able to transport your things to your new home overseas if you require it. 


You can’t forget to notify your international removalist company about your move! They’ll be the ones who will make your international relocation possible, transporting your belongings and furniture directly to your new home. An experienced and trusted international moving company like Allied will offer more than just transportation. With a range of different relocation services including professional packing, pet and vehicle relocation, and many other additional services which will make your move a breeze!

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