Moving from Perth to Melbourne

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Thinking of making the move from Perth to Melbourne? Well it just so happens that you may not be alone in this thinking. In this article, we explore population trends among both cities, analyse why there may be a shift in movements, and also some key areas to consider when planning your move interstate.

Melbourne is currently Australia’s most rapidly growing city. A title that was first taken from the previous champion Perth in late 2013, with the Perth population growth having a sharp decline ever since.

While this growth rate is calculated as a percentage of the total number of occupants of each city, to put these figures into perspective it’s best to take a long-term view of the situation. For instance, in the past 10 years leading up to 2016, Melbourne has had the largest growth of all Greater Capital Cities with an impressive 964,600 new occupants. In comparison, Perth was in fourth position at only 445,100. That’s well over double!

Why are people making the move from Perth to Melbourne?

Although it largely depends on a variety of factors (age is a big one), it seems like moving to Melbourne from other major cities of Australia is going to continue in it’s popularity for quite some time. Common arguments for those making the move from Perth to Melbourne are the greater range of restaurants, live music, job opportunities and you also don’t need a car most of the time to get around the CBD.

While this is a strong list, if you’re a beach lover (Cottesloe, Smith’s etc.) and love the open spaces then it might be more difficult to turn your back on the golden sands of the Perth coastline. Although if you don’t mind the cold Winter weather in Melbourne and being part of the sporting capital of Australia then the transition will be easier!

Of course, the purpose of this article isn’t however to convince you of the benefits of the move as all of our cities across Australia have their pros and cons. We want to ease your mind by providing our expertise on how best to manage the interstate moving process as moving is a stressful time.

Key areas to consider for the move

As interstate removalists in Perth, we know the process of interstate moves inside out. The core areas that our consultants focus on when managing the move include packing of your valuables, protecting your furniture in transit, providing comprehensive transit insurance options, storing your belongings, transporting any vehicles, and also getting your pet(s) to Melbourne safely. Let’s breakdown each of the key areas to consider.

Packing your valuables

When packing up your valuables, care and attention should be something to keep in mind at all times. To do it properly, more than just an old cardboard box and sticky tape is needed. We recommend that any item that can be packed in a box is transported in a box! This philosophy has been born with over 300 years of experience behind us to maximise space and protect your items during interstate transit. We also using specialised crating for fragile items such as artwork and antiques where possible. Specialised crating for moving houses - Allied Other tips we recommend when packing up your items include using heavy duty plastics for delicate furnishings, and also wrapping your furniture in dust-free felts pads to avoid any risk of transit trauma.

Insurance for the move

Unfortunately, furniture just isn’t designed to be moved (especially all the way from Perth to Melbourne). Some big considerations when moving are changes to weather, vibrations on the removalist truck, potential movement inside, and also any atmospheric changes.

We strongly recommend you consider transit insurance for your relocation. We have developed a Transit Insurance Cover which helps minimise your risk and exposure. This is something that we have that no other moving company in Australia does - our own Financial Services Licence*. This gives us the ability to cover all items to their full replacement value.

*Financial Service Licence #294595 is registered under the name of SIRVA Pty Ltd trading as Allied.

Storage of your belongings

Realistically, it’s not always possible to move straight into your new home with all your belongings right away. It can however be very expensive to store your items for any sort of period of time. This is why it’s important to consider using a cost-effective option.

You want to ensure the safety and security of your storage provided. Any easy option for many is storing in a relatives or friends garage. This is generally a risky alternative which could expose your items to water, dust and dirt, and potentially vermin. We have over 40 storage locations across Australia at very competitive pricing and we are able to extend your Transit Insurance whilst the items are in our care.

Transporting of your vehicle

If you’re not prepared to tackle the 36 hour drive from Perth to Melbourne, we don’t blame you! There are however some alternatives you can use to get any sort of vehicle (cars, trailers, boats, caravans etc.) to Melbourne by arranging a transport specialists to do the hard work.

A good first step is figuring out what your requirements are, what date range you’re happy for the transport to take place, pick up and delivery locations, budget for the process, and also insurance available.

Getting your pet(s) to Melbourne safely

There’s a fair bit involved in ensuring that the transport of your pet if done correctly, although it’s an obvious one to get right for the pet lovers out there. Before leaving Perth, it’s best if you schedule in a veterinary examination to check your pet’s health and ensure other measures are taken for the success of the trip like ensuring ID tags are up-to-date. Scheduling veterinary examination - Allied A good consideration to make is whether you’re able to take your pet on a direct flight to get the trip over and done with in the shortest time possible. Just don’t forget to contact your airline beforehand to check regulations and services.

Final thoughts

Having a stress-free move is difficult to come by. Especially if you’re moving over 3,000km’s from Perth to Melbourne. To take some of the pressure off, get in touch with the team at Allied who can handle all of the complexities involved with moving so you can enjoy that well-earned latte when you arrive in Melbourne. Start by getting a free quote, relax, and let us carry the load!