Moving From Melbourne to Brisbane

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Moving is always going to be a mix of excitement and stress, but moving interstate adds a new set of challenges. Whether for work, family or simply to experience something new, there are lots of reasons to switch locales. One of the most popular destinations for Aussies on the move is Brisbane. With its endless summer and plentiful beaches, there’s a good reason that Brisbane is one of Australia’s fastest-growing cities, according to the Australian Bureau of Statistics. With home prices still significantly more affordable than Sydney or Melbourne, there’s never been a better time to consider moving.

If you’re thinking of moving from Melbourne to Brisbane, there are a few factors you’ll need to consider. A team of expert interstate removalists can help you to handle the details.

Life in Brisbane

Hoping for sunny days ahead? Brisbane is the place for you! Just 71 km from the Gold Coast and a stone's throw away from the Sunshine Coast, the city averages around 280 days of sunshine a year and temperatures rarely drop below mild, according to Choose Brisbane. In addition, inner city Brisbane is easy to get around. Public transport options like the TransLink bus, train system, cabs and of course the infamous trams, make every nook of the city incredibly accessible. In addition, Brisbane has an established system of well-maintained walkways and a bike rental system. There’s a reason that Brisbane has been ranked as one of the most livable cities in the world, according to, citing rankings from Monocle Magazine.

Sights, shops and natural beauty can be found throughout the city. The city centre of Brisbane offers a stunning architectural mix of modern skyscrapers and historic government buildings from the Victorian era. Perhaps most famous is the Brisbane City Hall Clock Tower, a unique structure that also serves as a museum. Just a short walk from the City Centre you’ll find the South Bank and Howard Smith Wharves District. The South Bank lies across the Brisbane River from the city centre and has been a big part of the artistic renaissance in Brisbane. This neighbourhood is home to art studios, and theatres as well as the Queensland Art Gallery and the Gallery of Modern Arts and theatre. The area also includes Streets Beach, an artificial beach right in the centre of the city.

The Howard Smith Wharves District, meanwhile, is set to the east of the city centre and offers a look at Brisbane’s past and future. These historic wharves were once home to commercial vessels from around the world. Today, the Howard Smith Wharves Precinct is a major commercial hub. Stop for dinner or drinks along the boardwalk and take in incredible views of the Brisbane River and Story Bridge.

The inner suburbs of Brisbane are also home to a wide range of excitement and have something for everyone. Fortitude Valley is renowned for its charming boutiques and restaurants, this inner suburb lies a mere 25-minute walk from the downtown business district. Check out the weekly Valley Market, filled with quirky arts and crafts. Kangaroo Point, meanwhile, is even closer and sits directly across from Brisbane City Centre. A highlight of the area are the Kangaroo Point Cliffs, which offer spectacular views of the city.

In addition to all of the sights and features that make Brisbane such an exciting place to live, it remains more affordable than its larger counterparts to the south. In January 2019, the average cost of a home in Brisbane stood at $438,000, or almost $200,000 less than the average in Melbourne, according to data from Meanwhile, Sydney remains by far the most expensive city in Australia, with houses averaging a whopping $840,000, or close to twice as much as Brisbane. Relative affordability, however, may be short-lived. While housing prices in Sydney and Melbourne are dropping, they are rising slightly in Brisbane. Clearly, the secret of Brisbane’s incredible livability is out.
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The cost of moving

Think you’re ready to make the move from Melbourne to Brisbane? The moving process will be complex, but worth it. It also could be costly. In addition to selling your old home and finding a new one to buy or rent in Brisbane, you’ll need to pack up your belongings and find a way to transport them all the way up the coast. Unless you’re working with a professional removal company, this may involve more work and money than you think.

When making a permanent relocation (especially an interstate move), be sure to consider the following costs:

Packing: The cost of packing can’t just be measured in the number of hours you commit to it. You’ll also need to purchase high-quality storage and packing material that will last for the long drive from Melbourne to Brisbane. That includes using reinforced containers, rather than cardboard boxes, for fragile or heavy belongings. All of your electronics should be sealed in an airtight bag before boxing. If you’re worried about the ins and outs of getting all your furniture to your new home in one piece, working with a professional removalist is definitely the right call for you.

Storage: If your new house isn’t going to be move-in ready, or if you’re looking to handle the move-in process piecemeal, you’ll need a place to store some or all of your stuff. Be sure to factor in the costs of renting a storage space, whether in the form of a portable unit or at a storage facility. These businesses typically rent out on a month-to-month basis, so if you only need storage for a few days or weeks, you may want to alter your plans for a speedy move.

Insurance: A lot can happen during the moving process. Even if you and your removalist team are extraordinarily careful, using the right packing materials and taking safety precautions, your belongings could still be broken or stolen. Worse yet, someone could get badly hurt. Make sure your belongings are properly insured through a home or rental insurance scheme. If you’re working with an interstate removalist, be sure that they’re backed by a quality assurance policy.

Vehicles: If you're not working with a removalist service, you’ll need to provide your own truck to move all of your belongings. With many do-it-yourself rentals setting their rates based on the number of miles you drive, a trip from Melbourne to Brisbane can quickly add up in cost. Besides driving your moving van, you’ll also need to call in assistance for any car transport, trailer, boat or caravan to its final destination. Luckily, in addition to more traditional removalist services, Allied offers vehicle transport for interstate moves.

Backloading: Backloading can help you save money on long-distance moves. It's the process of one customer potentially sharing a moving truck space with another customer. While this is a commonly offered service amongst removalists, and could save you money, backloading does come with some major drawbacks. In addition to forcing you to be flexible with your moving date, which may not be possible if you are moving to start a new job or are on a strict timeline, you are not guaranteed the same space and quality of care. Allied however offer 'groupage' - guaranteeing the space you need if you have less than a container load, on a shared container basis with others travelling to the same destination. With groupage, Allied handle each and every consignment with care.

Ultimately, working with a team of qualified professional removalists isn’t just convenient for you during this stressful time, but it can also be a money saver. Removalists can offer all of the myriad services that are essential to moving, such as extra storage and vehicle transport, that often get forgotten when considering the overall price of a relocation. By bundling these services together, a professional mover can ultimately offer you a better price for the same services.

In addition to plotting the specifics of your move, you’ll want to make arrangements so that your new home in Brisbane is move-in ready. That includes activating your utilities and acquiring any of the permits necessary, such as a parking pass. While these factors aren’t necessarily relevant to the process of moving your furniture, you’ll still want to make sure they don’t get lost in the mix. That way, you can enjoy your new home as soon as you're settled in.

One potentially complicating factor to consider when moving interstate during these difficult times is the COVID-19 restrictions in place in Victoria, New South Wales and the Queensland border. Throughout the pandemic, some states have put restrictions on entry from residents of other states. As restrictions are constantly changing, be sure to check local ordinances before commencing with a move.

Selecting an interstate removalist

The process of moving interstate, especially between two faraway cities like Melbourne and Brisbane, can be costly and logistically challenging. Luckily, the right interstate removalist service can make the process significantly easier.

When searching for an interstate removalist to help you with your move, look for the following:
  • Accreditation: A reliable furniture removalist should be accredited with the Australian Furniture Removers Association (AFRA). With an AFRA certified removalist, you can be confident that your movers have been effectively trained and are being held to a high standard. AFRA removalists must also meet established standards in the safety and quality of their vehicles and facilities.
  • Price: At the end of the day, getting the highest quality work for the lowest price will always be amongst an important factor to consider. Going with a high-end agency means adding extra costs to an already expensive process. However, working with the cheapest removalists available also comes with risks. Inexperienced removalists have a higher likelihood of losing or damaging your belongings. Ultimately, if the quality of work is shoddy, the cheapest option may actually end up costing you more.
  • Range: It’s not a given that removalists will have service in multiple cities, let alone in two completely different states. Be sure that you’re working with an agency that can be with you for the long haul from Melbourne to Brisbane.
  • Services: If you’ll be in need of specialised services that go beyond simply packing and transporting your stuff, you’ll want to find a removalist that offers a full range of options. Examples of services include vehicle transport, pet transport and extra storage space.
If everything listed above sounds like a lot, don’t worry! You don’t have to be alone throughout the moving process. The team at Allied is here for you. Allied has been helping Australians get where they’re going since 1926, so whatever your unique needs, you can be sure we know how to handle them. Interstate removal is one of our specialties and we have locations in every state in Australia. In addition to standard services like packing, transport and a secure storage facility, a moving company like Allied can help you with a variety of pre-move services as well, such as organising your belongings. We even provide home cleaning after you move out!

Our experienced removalists work throughout Australia and can take care of fragile items, heavy items, transport, storage of goods and insurance needs, no matter how far the interstate journey. That gives you more time to focus on your work responsibilities and personal life during this time of transition. Pick the careful movers and get a competitive quote with great service today!