How To Make Friends In A New City

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Are you moving to a new city? Relocating is a chance for a fresh start and can open a world full of exciting opportunities. However, it also comes with some challenges. Making new friends is tough, especially after moving somewhere unfamiliar. As moving professionals, we help thousands of people relocate to new places and settle in effortlessly. We’ve collated some handy tips and tricks for making friends in a new city.

What to keep in mind

Before you relocate to a new city, you may have dreams of meeting the perfect friend group and fitting in effortlessly. While this could be the case, it’s important to acknowledge that it’s going to take some time and effort to meet people that you really connect with. 

Be prepared to put yourself out there

When it comes to making new friends, putting yourself out there and being open to new people is the most important thing. It’s also one of the most difficult. It can be scary and uncomfortable to continuously introduce yourself, make an effort and meet a lot of new people at once, but it’s worth the effort. Stay persistent and don’t be afraid to treat yourself to a night in every so often. 

Acknowledge it takes time

It’s easy to feel disheartened when you haven’t made friends as quickly as you thought you would. Quality and long lasting friendships take time to develop so it's important to be patient. It may also take some time till you find the people you connect with. It’s not uncommon to feel lonely in your first few months of moving to a new city. 

Easy ways to meet new people

Ready to start meeting new people and making those long lasting friendships? Here our ways to put yourself out there and creating genuine connections. 

Take advantage of work or study opportunities

If you’re relocating for work or study reasons, you’ll likely find it easier to make friends in your new city. Take the opportunity to get to know your new coworkers or classmates early on. It can be as simple as asking them questions about themselves and the new city, as well as making time to get a coffee or another catch up. Most Universities and workplaces will offer events or non-work related activities which are a great way to connect and bond with new people. 

Enrol in a language classes

Moving to a new city and need to learn a new language? Enrol in a language course. Not only is it an ideal way to easily learn a language, but it’s a perfect opportunity to meet new people. You’ll be encouraged to interact with your classmates and can bond over the challenge of embracing a new culture and language. 

Join a sports or arts club

Whether you love rock climbing or participating in a book club, having group hobbies is an easy way to make new friends. Find a sports or activity club in your new city to join. Not only will you be doing something you already enjoy, but you’ll have the opportunity to meet like-minded people. 

Try something new

Moving to a new city is the perfect opportunity to try new things. Embrace a new culture and pick up a hobby that would have never crossed your mind back home. Worse case, you try something different and decide it’s not for you. The best case scenario is that you find something you love as well as a group of new friends. 


Depending on your living situation, sharing a house can be a cost-effective and fun way to meet new friends. Renting a home with people of similar age and/or lifestyles will introduce you to some new people as well as their social circles. If you’ve relocated with a family or if sharing a home isn’t of interest, then make an effort to get to know your neighbours. 

Post on social media and meet-up apps

The internet has made connecting with more people easier than ever before. You can make new friends by finding groups or individuals via social media platforms like Instagram or Facebook. Introduce yourself by posting in a local neighbourhood Facebook group or join your city specific subReddit. Websites like are also hugely popular with those looking to connect with new people. You can find Meetup events hosted in your new city or start your own group. 


Volunteering presents the perfect opportunity to give back to your new community and meet lots of new people. Whether it be an animal shelter, an environmental group, a local library or an art gallery, sparing a few hours a week can make a huge difference and enable you to form deeper connections with your community. Do some research online or visit the organisations directly to discuss volunteering opportunities. 

Reach out to friends of friends 

Before you relocate to a new city, reach out to friends and family to ask if they know anyone in your new city. More often or not, they will likely have a contact or may know someone who does. Contacting friends of friends can feel a little awkward at first, but it’s a quick way to meet new people who have an existing network of friends or are looking to make new friends themselves.

Connect with a religious or spiritual community

If you are religious or spiritual, finding a community in your new city of like-minded individuals is a great way to meet friends. Visit your local place of worship, or in the case of spirituality, join a local yoga studio or other spiritual space. 

Use dating apps

Dating apps are filled with people looking to make connections with new people. While they are commonly used for romantic purposes, some apps like Bumble offer a specialised friendship mode that connects you with other people looking for new friends. If you are using a dating app, but not interested in romantic relationships, ensure to communicate this early on to avoid any miscommunications or expectations.

Become a regular 

Do some exploring around your new neighbourhood. If you find a great coffee shop or cool bar, make an effort to attend regularly and strike up a conversation with the staff or other regulars. If you’re unsure how to begin a conversation, asking someone for their recommendation is a great icebreaker. You can also visit neighbourhood markets to get to know other locals and support small businesses. 

Adopt a pet

Feeling lonely? Why not adopt a pet. While adopting a pet like a dog can be a significant investment of time, energy and money, it’s also a wonderful way to feel less alone in your new city. It can also help you meet new people by connecting with people at the dog park or while walking around the neighbourhood. 

Attend cultural and sporting events

Every city will host a variety of different events. You can meet new people by attending events like live music, a sporting match, or even something more mundane like a council meeting. You can find these events through a local newspaper, the city’s official website or on social media. 

Discuss your relocation with the experts

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