Guide on Moving from Perth to Darwin

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If you are thinking of making the move from Perth to Darwin, there’s a lot to be excited about! Darwin offers an enviable lifestyle, with various attractions, outdoor activities and a friendly community to enjoy. But before you can start living your best life in the Northern Territory, you need to prepare for your move.

An interstate move can feel overwhelming at first, especially when moving over 3,840 kilometres! The team at Allied are highly experienced at interstate relocations, having dedicated interstate removalists in Perth as well as a team of Darwin interstate removalists ready to ensure your relocation is as smooth as possible. We have created this helpful guide to help you understand everything you may need to know about life in Darwin and how you can best prepare for your big move!

Life in Darwin

It’s difficult to beat the relaxed and laid back lifestyle of Darwin! As the population is on the smaller side, not to mention skewing younger with the median age being 31, there is a strong sense of community and a progressive zeal. You may be surprised to learn how much Darwin has to offer. Not only in the abundance of outdoor activities, but also in terms of career development and high quality of life.


Much like Perth, the mining, mining equipment and services industries account for a large share of the economy in Darwin. The renewable energy sectors and oil and gas industries are also significant in Darwin, providing many opportunities for employment. Post-COVID pandemic, the healthcare industry in Darwin and the Northern Territory is rapidly expanding and is also an ideal sector for those looking for exciting career development.


According to the Northern Territory Economy, Darwin had the second lowest median house price of the capital cities at $550,000. Funnily enough, the lowest is Perth! Moving to Darwin means you’ll need to expect to pay a little more for housing, both as a renter and a buyer. The average monthly cost of a 3-bedroom apartment in the city centre of Darwin is estimated to be $2,855. This compares to the average of $2,638 in Perth.

As similar to Perth, the closer proximity the suburb is to the water then the more expensive it will be. Some popular suburbs in Darwin, include NightCliff, Rapid Creek and Parap. For families, we recommend looking at suburbs such as Wulagi and on the pricey side, Roseberry and Bakewell.


The major form of transportation in Darwin is by car. Petrol is slightly more expensive in Darwin than in Perth, $1.74 compared to $1.63. However there If you need to get around using public transportation, the bus system is efficient and relatively reliable. To use the buses, you can either pay using cash or with a Tap and Ride card. There’s multiple shared bike paths and due to Darwin being quite flat, it’s easy to cycle and commute.


Darwin has two distinct seasons, the Wet season (from November to April) and the Dry season (from May to October). In the Wet season, it’s hot with average temperatures ranging between 24 to 32°C and with high humidity. There’s significant rainfall as well as some pretty spectacular lighting storms to witness. In the Dry season, you’ll experience warm and sunny days with temperatures from 21 to 31°C.


Darwin really offers the best of the best when it comes to the great outdoors. You’ll enjoy hiking, canoeing, fishing, and wild-life spotting. Although popular belief may think you can’t enjoy swimming in Darwin, there’s actually multiple swimming spots that can be enjoyed - including beaches, waterholes, creeks and falls. Keep in mind that during the Wet season (November to April) some of the activities can’t be enjoyed due to bad weather.

Moving to Darwin doesn’t mean sacrificing your love for arts and culture. Darwin is home to a burgeoning arts scene, with a mix of artists from the Tiwi islands, Kakadu and other remote areas. There is also a wide range of festivals and events held in Darwin, including the Darwin Fringe Festival, the Aboriginal Art Show, Electric Storm and the Pride festival. Due to its close proximity to Asia, Darwin also offers a wide variety of delicious cuisines and fresh markets.

Planning your move to Darwin from Perth

You’ve got a great understanding of what life will be like when living in Darwin, but now it’s time to make that dream a reality! Here’s how you should prepare for your interstate move.


When it comes to any move, packing tends to be a dreaded task. But as you are relocating a vast distance, you need to ensure your belongings and furniture are packed properly so they are safe and secure for the journey.

As it can be overwhelming to tackle packing last minute, we recommend starting on your packing as early as possible. You can start with seasonal or less frequently used items. Ensure you have the right packing materials such as boxes, bubble wrap, and packing tape, and don’t forget to label your boxes. As there is so much to organise for your interstate move, why not take some of the stress off and ensure your items are packed properly by using a professional packing service.


As having a car in Darwin can make getting around significantly easier, you may want to transport your car with you from Perth. There are two options to how you can move your car to Darwin with you. The first option is to drive your car from Perth to Darwin which can take at least 40 hours of driving time. If you don’t have the time or stamina to do so, then it’s best to go with the second option - use a vehicle transportation service. The professionals will safely transport your vehicle interstate, saving you the excessive driving and cost of petrol, accommodation and food along the way.


If you have a pet, you’ll likely want them to join you in your new Darwin home. Before you relocate, take your pet to the vet for a check-up and let them know about your move. Because of the long distance, it’s best to use a pet transportation service. They will have the right expertise and resources to get your pet to their new home in Darwin, safely and efficiently.


Using a secure storage service is an easy way to increase much needed flexibility during your interstate relocation. When packing, you may find some items that you’d like to take to your new home but aren’t quite ready to bring with you. In this case, short-term storage is ideal. In the case of needing to keep your items safe and sound for longer periods of time, long-term storage is better suited. However, if you choose a storage provider, such as Allied Removalists Australia, they can deliver your stored belongings and furniture directly to your door (even if you are interstate).


When moving from Perth to Darwin, you’ll need to decide whether you try to handle the move yourself or enlist the help of professional removalists. Relocating interstate, especially from Perth to Darwin, is no small feat!  As it is a significant move, with multiple logistics to keep track of, you should consider carefully which option is more beneficial in the long term. Usually, this will likely depend upon whether it is cheaper to move by yourself.

You may be shocked to learn that it actually tends to be more cost-effective to use removalists when moving interstate. This is because the range of costs you must account for when moving yourself, such as petrol, packing materials, the time taken to pack and move yourself (including taking time off work), renting a truck or van, and any other incidental expenses. After you start adding up all these significant costs, it will likely be more beneficial to use professional movers.

Removalists also have the advantage of saving time and energy as they have the experience, a high level of training and the right professional equipment to handle your relocation from Perth and carefully look after your belongings.

There is also the added benefit of moving companies being able to offer multiple services, like pet relocation, storage, and transit insurance. This can provide a more competitive deal when compared to using numerous service providers for all your relocation requirements. Ask your removalist for a quote on your interstate move from Perth to Darwin before you make your decision on how to handle your move.

Trust Allied with your move to Darwin from Perth

If you are ready to make the move from Perth to Darwin, Allied is ready to assist with your relocation! Our experienced team of Perth interstate removalists and Darwn interstate removalists will handle every aspect of your move, every step of the way. We have years of experience in helping individuals and families successfully relocate so you can rest assured that your move is in safe hands! You can find out more information about our interstate relocations and receive a free quote which is specific to your move today!