Guide on Moving from Perth to Adelaide

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Although Adelaide is best known as a dreamy holiday destination, it’s quickly becoming a favourite relocation destination as well. With numerous career opportunities and numerous lifestyle benefits, it is not surprising that more Perth residents are choosing to move from the West Coast and make their home in Adelaide! If you are one of them, you are likely excited about your interstate relocation as well as feeling slightly overwhelmed by everything you need to do.

Our Perth interstate removals team and Adelaide interstate removals team work together to ensure that every relocation goes smoothly and nothing is forgotten. The team at Allied has put together this handy guide on moving from Perth to Adelaide to provide you with everything you need to know about relocating. Using our extensive expertise, we have included some information about life in Adelaide as well as how best to prepare for your move.

Living in Adelaide

There’s much to love about living in Adelaide. You will get to enjoy some of Australia’s best beaches, dining and nightlife scenes, and outdoor activities in an enjoyable Mediterranean climate. We explain what you need to know about living in Adelaide and how it compares to Perth.


The Adelaide economy continues to grow and expand, offering new career opportunities in a range of different sectors. Historically, the tourism, mining, education, hospitality and health industries have thrived in Adelaide. But following new growth and support, more innovative industries like manufacturing, renewable energy, machine learning, aerospace and medical technology are also providing ample employment opportunities.

If you are interested in starting your own business, you’re in luck! Adelaide is keen to attract more start-ups and new businesses so offer funding opportunities, initiatives and other benefits.


There’s no doubt that affordability and availability of housing are a high priority for people relocating to Adelaide. Purchasing a property in Adelaide will be more expensive than in Perth due to the higher median house value, which according to a report from Core Logic is $663,136 compared to Perth’s $588,454.  However, renting is slightly more affordable in Adelaide. Budget Direct estimates that an average three-bedroom apartment in the City centre will cost around $2,570 a month.

When it comes to suburbs in Adelaide, the general rule is that the closer you are to the beach and CBD, the more expensive it will be. If you are looking for a family-friendly suburb that won’t break the bank, we recommend North Adelaide, North Brighton, and Kensington. If you are looking for something more upmarket, you can’t go wrong with the city's most desirable (and expensive) suburbs like Toorak Gardens, College Park and Fitzroy.


Getting around Adelaide is considerably easy due to the local public transport system of buses, trains and trams. You will need a metroCARD to use and pay your way on public transportation, although the tram is free in Adelaide city centre between Entertainment Centre Station and South Terrace Station. Driving in Adelaide is popular for those living in the suburbs and petrol is a similar price to Perth.


Adelaide enjoys a Mediterranean climate and is the driest Australian capital city! Winters are not dissimilar to Perth, with temperatures ranging from 8℃ to 16℃. The warm and dry tend to have temperatures between 16℃ to 28℃). Adelaide is in the Australian Central Daylight Time zone so is 1 hour and 30 minutes ahead of Perth.


Enjoying a balanced life is a huge factor in why Perth residents choose to move to Adelaide. The city offers a rather unique combination of quiet and safety without compromising on interesting things to do! You will find that there is a mix of cultural, artistic and sporting activities on offer year-round in Adelaide. A pleasant climate provides you with the benefit of outdoor activities that you can enjoy throughout the seasons. AFL is a popular sport, but there are many different local sporting clubs and teams across the city to choose from.

Adelaide rebranded as the City of Festivals, shedding its former moniker of the City of Churches, and hosts a wide range of festivals which brings the entire city alive. In between events, get your culture fix by trying some of the 900 restaurants, pubs, and cafes. Don’t forget to check out the renowned Adelaide Central Market, which is one of the largest undercover markets in the Southern Hemisphere!

Preparing for your move to Adelaide

Now that you have an idea of what life will be like in Adelaide, it’s time to begin preparing for your interstate relocation from Perth. See our top tips for preparing for your move to Adelaide below!


When it comes to organising such a big move, it’s not surprising that many people feel overwhelmed when they begin packing for Adelaide. However, as your belongings and furniture need to travel over 2,695 kilometres, you will want to ensure that they are packed properly for their journey.

We recommend gathering the right packing materials, like boxes, bubble wrap, labels and packing tape, before you begin packing (you can request moving boxes from your removalists). It’s best to start with your seasonal, decorative and less frequently used items. When packing, things like clothes and books can be easily packed into suitcases or boxes, but other household items such as furniture, electronics, and other fragile items need to be packed properly. The easiest way to ensure that your items are safe for the trip and take the stress off of you is to use a professional packing service.


As having a car in Adelaide is highly convenient, you may want to bring your vehicle from Perth. There are two options to bring your car to Adelaide, you can either drive your car yourself or use a vehicle relocation service. The drive from Perth to Adelaide will take at least 28 hours so if you don’t have the time or stamina to do so then use the professionals. They can ensure your vehicle is safely transported across states and will save you the excessive driving and cost of petrol, accommodation and food along the way.


Moving is a big deal for your pet so you need to take time to sufficiently prepare them for the relocation. Take your pet to the vet for a check-up and ensure their microchip and identification are updated with your new address. As it is such a long way to drive with a pet, it is best to use a pet transportation service. They will have the right expertise and resources to get your pet to their new home in Adelaide, safely and efficiently.


If you are having trouble working out what to bring with you to Adelaide, storage is a great option. For flexibility, we recommend short-term storage so you can securely store your belongings until you are more settled into your new home. Otherwise, you can opt for long-term storage to keep your items safe and sound for as long as you need. Regardless, choose a storage provider, like Allied, who can deliver your stored belongings and furniture to your new interstate home when you need them!


A move of this scale means you will need to decide whether you use professional removalists or try to move by yourself. Usually, this decision will depend upon whether it is worthwhile to use a removal company.

You may be surprised to learn that it is actually more worthwhile or cost-effective to use removalists when relocating interstate. This is due to the numerous costs you must account for when moving yourself, such as petrol, packing materials, the time taken to pack and move yourself (including taking time off work), renting a truck or van, and any other incidental expenses. After you start adding up all these significant costs (and the lengthy amount of time it’d take to get all of this organised), it will likely be more beneficial to move with a removalist company instead.

There is also the advantage of interstate removalists saving you both time and energy as they have the experience, a high level of training and the right professional equipment to handle your move and carefully look after your belongings.

The professionals can offer multiple moving services, like pet relocation, storage, and transit insurance. This can provide a more competitive deal when compared to using numerous service providers for all your relocation requirements. Before you make your decision on how to handle your move, ask your removalist for a quote on your unique move from Perth to Adelaide.

Make moving from Perth to Adelaide hassle-free with Allied! 

If you are ready to move to Adelaide from Perth, the team at Allied is ready to assist you! With decades of experience in handling interstate removals, you can trust that Allied will make your move a seamless experience! Your dedicated moving consultant will be with you every step of the way, updating you on the status of your move from Perth to your new home in Adelaide. Have any questions about your interstate move? Get in touch with our friendly team! Otherwise, receive a free quote specific to your move today!