Guide on Moving from Brisbane to Hobart

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Are you considering making the move from Brisbane to Hobart? With a blooming arts and culinary scene to an exciting economy, there is so much to love about making a new life in Hobart. If you are relocating from Brisbane to Hobart, you’ll likely be feeling exhilarated and a little overwhelmed by the interstate move.

Fortunately, Allied has the right experience and expertise to ensure that your relocation is as smooth as possible! We have a Brisbane interstate removalist team as well as a team of Hobart interstate removalists who will make your relocation a hassle-free experience. To ensure that you feel prepared for your move, we have put together everything you need to know about moving from Brisbane to Hobart and how to best prepare for your move.

Living in Hobart

The rest of Australia and the world are finally taking notice of everything that Hobart has to offer. The capital city of Tasmania has undergone a period of transformation over the last five years, with Hobart now becoming a desired destination for both tourists and those looking to relocate. But how does life in Hobart compare to Brisbane? We break it down.


Hobart’s economy is continuing to grow and expand. Currently, the biggest employer is the healthcare and social assistance sector with top jobs being nurses, personal carers, and medical practitioners. The next biggest industries include the retail sector which is estimated to be worth over $700 million and the education & training sector. Tourism, manufacturing and agriculture also offer a myriad of different employment opportunities.


According to, the median house price in Hobart is $815,000. This is only slightly more expensive compared to Brisbane’s reported average of $811,00. Renting in Hobart is almost the same as in Brisbane, but if you rent in the city centre it can be more expensive. According to BudgetDirect, you’ll pay an average of $3,425 a month for a three-bedroom apartment in the city centre (compared to $3,017 in Brisbane.

As Hobart becomes more popular, it continues to grow and expand as a city. North Hobart was previously thought of as more of a ‘down market’ suburb, however now it is considered one of the best lifestyle suburbs. Other desirable Hobart suburbs include Goodwood, Bellerive, and New Town.


Due to the smaller size of Hobart, the majority of residents get around by car. However, there is still public transportation available in the form of bus services. Metrotas uses  Greencard which is similar to the GoCard, and provides a discount of 20% on your fares and a daily cap. The Intercity Cycleway is part of the extensive network of bike paths available in Hobart which make cycling easy and efficient.


When relocating to Hobart, you’ll be experiencing much cooler weather than in Brisbane. In summer, temperatures tend to range between 11°C to 21°C and February is the driest month. The winter months are when you’ll feel the difference between Hobart and Brisbane! Temperatures range from 5°C to 12°C and the island experiences cold southerly winds from Antarctica.


Hobart provides a slowed-down lifestyle compared to the rest of the mainland (which is what Tasmanians call the rest of Australia). Due to Tasmania’s proximity to Victoria, AFL is a favourite among locals even though Tasmania won’t have its own team in the national league until 2028. Fortunately, both Rugby League and Rugby Union are widely played in Hobart with various women's and men's divisions.

The dining and bar life in Hobart is thriving! From vegetarian brunch in a hip cafe to a classic Aussie pub to an indulgent paddock-to-plate experience, there is truly something for everyone. When it comes to the Hobart arts scene, MONA (the Museum of Old and New Art) tends to be the first thing that comes to mind. But, there’s more to enjoy! You’ll find various arts and music festivals held in Hobart across the year like jazz festivals, the Taste Festival and the Festival of Voices.

Planning your move to Hobart from Brisbane

Now that you have a solid idea of what life is like in Hobart, how do you prepare for your move so you can begin enjoying your new life in Tasmania? We explain what you need to organise for your interstate relocation.


There’s no doubt that packing for a move is boring and tedious. It’s easy to leave this task to the last minute but as your belongings and furniture are relocating over 2,500 kilometres, you’ll want to ensure that your things are secure for the journey.

To help tackle your packing, it’s best to get started as early as possible. Start with seasonal or less frequently used items, then go room by room. Ensure you have the right packing materials such as moving boxes, bubble wrap, and packing tape, and don’t forget to label your boxes. As there is so much to organise for your interstate move, we recommend using a professional packing service. They will take some of the stress off and ensure your items are packed properly for their trip down South.


Having a car in Hobart is highly convenient so deciding how to transport your car with you from Brisbane is important. You have two options for moving your car to Hobart with you, the first being driving your car from Brisbane to Geelong then taking the ferry to Devonport and driving to Hobart. This will likely take over 33 hours and tends to be split over multiple days. If you don’t have the time or stamina to do so, then it’s best to go with the second option which is using a vehicle transportation service. The professionals will transport your vehicle to Hobart and save you the excessive driving and the cost of petrol, accommodation and food along the way.


Relocating with pets can be tough at the best of times, but moving interstate can be additionally stressful. Before the big move, take your pet to the vet for a check-up and update their microchip and collar information. Because of the long distance, they need to travel, it’s best to use a pet transportation service. Using the service will ensure that your pet gets to their new home safely and efficiently.


A storage service is an easy way to increase much-needed flexibility during your interstate relocation. If you are having trouble deciding what items you need to bring with you to Hobart from Brisbane, short-term storage is a great option. In the case of needing to keep your items safe and sound for longer periods of time, long-term storage is ideal. However, if you choose a storage provider, such as Allied Removalists Australia, they can deliver your stored belongings and furniture directly to your door.


Moving interstate means that you will have to choose whether it’s best to use professional removalists or attempt to move yourself. As relocating interstate, especially such a distance like Brisbane to Hobart, is no small feat you will need to decide which is beneficial in the long term. This will likely depend upon whether it is cheaper to move by yourself or using removalists.

Many people are surprised that it tends to be more worthwhile or cost-effective to use removalists when moving interstate. This is because of the range of costs you must account for when moving yourself, such as petrol, packing materials, the time taken to pack and move yourself (including taking time off work), renting a truck or van, and any other incidental expenses. After you start adding up all these significant costs (and the lengthy amount of time it’d take to get all of this organised), it will likely be more beneficial to use professional movers.

Interstate removalists also have all the advantages of saving you both time and energy as they have the experience, a high level of training and the right professional equipment to handle your relocation from Brisbane to Hobart and carefully look after your belongings.

The professionals can offer multiple moving services, like pet relocation, storage, and transit insurance. This can provide a more competitive deal when compared to using numerous service providers for all your relocation requirements. Before you make your decision on how to handle your move, ask your removalist for a quote on your specific relocation from Brisbane to Hobart.

Make your move from Brisbane to Hobart with Allied

Now that you are ready to make your relocation from Brisbane to Hobart, it’s time to book it with Allied! As we have both Brisbane removalists and Hobart removalists, we will ensure your move is seamless and hassle-free! Our extensive experience and multiple moving services mean that you can trust your relocation is in safe hands with Allied. Receive a free quote which is specific to your move today!