Guide on Moving from Adelaide to Brisbane

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Are you considering leaving South Australia behind and swapping it for sunny Queensland? If you are moving from Adelaide to Brisbane, you can expect a laid-back lifestyle in a blossoming cosmopolitan city! Brisbane offers many exciting new opportunities in the backdrop of stunning weather and a picturesque river.

As relocating interstate can require significant organisation and planning, it’s not surprising that many people find it overwhelming at first. As both the Allied Adelaide removalist team and the Brisbane removalist team have decades of interstate moving experience, we know how to ensure that your relocation from South Australia to Queensland is successful! We have utilised our expertise to create this helpful guide so you can ensure your relocation is seamless. Read on to learn more about everyday life in Brisbane and how you can prepare for your exciting interstate move.

Life in Brisbane

Life in Brisbane has seen a transformation over the last decade. The former ‘big country town’ vibe has been replaced by a more sophisticated city which now provides a range of different arts and sports attractions. Brisbane is a quick hour drive to the Gold Coast and the flight to Sydney is only an hour and a half making it a convenient city to live in on the East Coast. But, what is daily life like in Brisbane and how does it compare to Adelaide? We break it down.


The Brisbane job market is continuing to expand, particularly in the innovation sector with new investment opportunities focused on developing new industries. Some of the current industries which are thriving include healthcare and social services, manufacturing, education and training, and construction.


The housing market in Brisbane has risen in value over the last few years, with investment pouring in locally and from overseas. The average house price has risen to over $800,000 in Brisbane, which is cheaper than Adelaide’s median price of $856,000. On the other hand, renting is more expensive in Adelaide. According to BudgetDirect, a three-bedroom apartment in the city centre will cost an average of $3,017 a month (compared to Adelaide’s average of $2,572).

When it comes to valuable real estate in Brisbane, being close to the River is highly desirable and therefore more expensive. Alderley, Ascot, and Newmarket are some of the popular neighbourhoods in Brisbane. If you are looking for family-friendly suburbs with amenities, green spaces and schooling options, we recommend Wilston, Corinda and Kalinga.


Although car ownership is common in Brisbane, especially among people living in the outer suburbs, there is adequate public transportation. Brisbane uses a system of buses and trains which are accessed through a Translink Go Card. This reusable card can be topped up regularly and is used to pay your way. Cycling around Brisbane is highly enjoyable, thanks to the wide range of bike paths and shared pathways.


Brisbane has a subtropical climate so you will experience warm weather throughout the year! In the summer months, the average temperatures range from 21℃ to 30°C. It is also the highest level of rainfall in the year, as well as thunderstorms and flooding. The Brisbane winters are mild, sunny and dry, with temperatures averaging between 11℃ to 21℃.


Brisbane’s lifestyle and culture aren’t too different to Adelaide. Although it is tough to compare to Adelaide’s abundance of fine dining and wineries, the Brisbane culinary scene is beginning to diversify. You will find a mix of European-inspired bakeries, Asian eateries and a variety of bars and pubs. As more art galleries, music festivals and various creative performances pop up across the city, Brisbane’s arts and culture scene is flourishing.

Due to the great weather, sport is passionately enjoyed by Brisbane locals. Rugby league is incredibly popular in, with the fiercely contested ‘State of Origin’ against New South Wales a highlight for most Queenslanders. Brisbane is home to many amateur and professional sporting clubs for netball, rowing, basketball and cycling.

Planning your move to Brisbane

You’re excited about your relocation to Brisbane and have an idea of what life will be like, now what? It’s time to prepare for your interstate move from Adelaide!


Packing for a move tends to be the type of task that everyone dreads. But if you are relocating interstate from Adelaide to Brisbane, you need to ensure your belongings and furniture are packed for their move across over 2,000 kilometres. Even though it is easy to leave your packing to the last minute, we recommend getting started on packing as early as possible! As your household items have quite the journey ahead of them, use proper packing materials such as packing peanuts, bubble wrap and moving boxes so they are safe and secure. The easiest way to ensure that you are prepared for relocating to your new home is to use a professional packing service. The experts will have the suitable materials and expertise to pack even the most fragile of items.


As having a car in Brisbane can be highly advantageous so you may want to bring your car with you from Adelaide. There are two options for relocating your car to Brisbane, drive it there or use a vehicle transportation service. The drive from Adelaide to Brisbane will take at least 22 hours to complete, so if you don’t have the time or energy to spare then using the professionals is a better choice. This will free you up to focus on the other aspects of your move and get settled into your new home.


At Allied, we understand how important pets are! As members of the family, they will likely be making the move from Adelaide to Brisbane. To help them prepare for your move, take your pet to the vet for a check-up and update the details on their collar and microchip. Since it is a long way to drive with a pet, it’s better to use a pet transportation service. Such services will have the right expertise and resources to get your pet to their new home in Brisbane, safely and efficiently.


An interstate relocation has many moving parts so having somewhere safe and secure to store your belongings and furniture is incredibly important. You can use a storage service to ensure that your items are in safe hands while you complete your move from Adelaide to Brisbane, and opt for a short-term option while you get settled into your new home. Alternatively, you can choose long-term storage so your belongings are properly stored for extended periods of time.  Some storage providers like Allied can deliver your stored belongings and furniture to your home in Brisbane when you require it, maximising flexibility and convenience.


Preparing for an interstate relocation involves choosing whether you will handle the move yourself or enlist the help of a removalist company. Because relocating from Adelaide to Brisbane involves multiple logistics, as well as being time-consuming and sometimes expensive, it can be a big decision to make. The decision depends on whether it is worthwhile using removalists.

Using a removalist company has the benefit of being highly convenient and sometimes quite cost-effective. This is due to the variety of costs involved in moving yourself, such as petrol, packing materials, the time taken to pack and move yourself (including taking time off work), renting a truck or van, and any other incidental expenses.

In the case of using multiple moving services, such as pet relocation, storage, and transit insurance, full-service removalist services can provide a more competitive deal compared to using numerous service providers.

Trusting a professional moving company also has the major advantage of saving significant time and energy. Removalists will have the right experience, a high level of training and proper professional equipment to handle your interstate move and carefully look after your belongings, not to mention they will be significantly more efficient. This provides you with more time to settle into your new home and enjoy everything Brisbane has to offer!

Make your move to Brisbane from Adelaide seamless with Allied!

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