Benefits Of Hiring Professional Movers For Your Business Relocation

Benefits Of Hiring Professional Movers For Your Business Relocation Featured Image

Regardless of whether your business is moving to accommodate new growth or simply have reached the end of your lease, you’ll need to relocate. Much like any move, relocating a business takes significant planning and organisation to successfully achieve. Not only will you need to handle the logistics of your move, but you’ll also have to keep running your business. 

While some businesses may try to manage their move internally, there are multiple benefits to enlisting the experts when it comes to relocating your business. From reducing the stress on your employees to avoiding the more annoying tasks a move involves, here’s why hiring professional removalists to assist with your business relocation is worth it. 

Minimise stress and hassle

If you are choosing to move your business yourself then you or someone else in the company will need to take on the challenge of making it happen. A move can create a tremendous amount of stress for your employees as they balance the logistics and heavy lifting of the move along with their usual responsibilities. Some employees may be experienced in handling a move of this scale so may neglect certain essential aspects of the relocation, take longer than necessary and potentially put the security and privacy of your business at risk by accident. 

Reduce risks

Professional movers have the benefits of reducing multiple risks to your employees, furniture and business belongings. While it can be attempting to round up some employees and put them to work, this can lead to a range of problems. A workplace injury, damage to furniture and belongings, and misplaced important paperwork are just some of the risks you face when attempting to relocate your business. 

Necessary equipment, training and skills

While the average person can move a box or two without any issues, moving a business involves the packing, lifting and transportation of heavy furniture and specialised equipment. Attempting to move a photocopier down the stairs could result in more than sore muscles. You could break your equipment, injure an employee or cause damage to your property. Professional removalists have the necessary training, equipment and skills to move heavy, fragile and specialised items easily. A lot of furniture and specialised equipment is not designed to be moved so you can cause significant damage if you don’t know what you’re doing. Experienced removalists will have the expertise as well as the right tools to move these more complex items without any problems.   


When accidents happen, insurance is essential. If your employee injures themselves during the move or if any items are lost and broken, your existing insurance policies are unlikely to cover it. Using a business relocation company for your move means the responsibility rests with them and they will have the necessary insurance to cover themselves during the move. It’s also wise to take out an additional comprehensive insurance policy to ensure that all your business furniture and belongings are covered in the worst case scenario. 

Avoid the tedious tasks

It’s no secret that life is filled with tedious, boring tasks, and moving a business is no exception! There will be a wide variety of different administrative as well as practical tasks you’ll need to complete when relocating your business, which will take valuable time and energy to complete. Using removalists means you won’t need to worry about a large majority of these tasks. Moving interstate or internationally may require some specialised documentation, especially in the case of customs and transporting items long distances.

Is there anything worse than spending hours packing and unpacking all your documents, furniture, and other business belongings and furniture? As an essential part of moving, doing a rush job of your packing can result in your items being damaged or broken in transit. It can also be difficult to pack some bigger or more fragile items like large glass tables, computer monitors, and any other equipment or furnishings. You can use a professional packing service to ensure that all your furniture, belongings and special IT equipment are carefully packed for the journey and unpacked at their destination.


If you would rather pack your things yourself, a moving company can supply you with industry grade packing materials to get the job done properly! 

Effective & efficient 

In business, time is money! A disorganised and inefficient move can end up costing your business as you struggle to resume operations after relocating. An experienced and trustworthy removalist company has the benefits of being both effective and efficient. Take advantage of their high level of training, existing processes, and range of moving equipment to make your move efficient without cutting any corners. They will be able to ensure your move is handled methodically, minimising stress and enabling you to hit the ground running. From assigning a moving coordinator who will oversee all the logistics to being able to successfully pack and unpack your electronic equipment, enlisting a team of removalists will make your business relocation as hassle free as possible.

Utilise multiple services

Professional moving companies often can provide you with more than transportation when it comes to relocation. Some business removalists like Allied can provide you with multiple moving services including professional packing, comprehensive insurance, and even vehicle relocation. By using one provider to assist you with all your relocation requirements, you’ll save both money and time. You won’t need to facilitate multiple different businesses to complete your move as you can trust Allied to handle every aspect of your relocation!

Access to secure storage

If you are moving gradually or simply need somewhere safe and secure to store your documents, then using a storage facility is ideal! A storage service provides you with the flexibility to choose the move-in date to your office without worrying about the security of your belongings, furniture or equipment. In the case of downsizing to a smaller location, long term storage provides an economic solution to storing documents and other archive items without risking damage, loss or theft. Using a storage facility from a moving company means they'll be able to efficiently transport your things to store and then to your new destination when required. 

Specialist experts 

Some businesses require specialist removals as they have technical or expensive equipment, a large volume of belongings and furniture, and particularly fragile items which require moving. In the case of these more complex or difficult relocations, you will want professional removalists who specialise in these types of moves and have the right expertise. This is ideal for when you need to relocate large IT systems, dispose of e-waste, or have your equipment moved and ensure a sterile environment. Allied has extensive experience in moving galleries, libraries, schools, warehouses and hospitals. 

Confidentiality is assured

When you are relocating your business, you’ll need to move some sensitive information. Whether this is new product designs in development, classified client information or simply any other types of documents, items or furniture that is highly valuable, confidentiality is crucial. Choosing to move with a reputable business relocation company can help to give you peace of mind that your privacy throughout the move will be protected. Check the quality assurance policies of your chosen removalist and ensure to address any confidentiality concerns you may have about relocating. 

Focus on what matters

We know that your time and energy are valuable. Do you really want to spend days bubble wrapping every item in your office or lifting heavy objects for hours? When you hire a team of removalists to manage your relocation, you can focus on what truly matters - running your business. You won’t have to worry about the finer details of relocating your business. You can instead concentrate on what you need to get done such as alerting customers and clients to your change of address or setting up the utilities at your new office or business location. 

Book your move today!

Ready to book removalists and take the stress out of your business relocation? You can enlist Allied to assist with your move. We’ll take the time to understand the specific needs of your business and create a moving solution which fits your unique relocating and budget requirements. Regardless of whether you are moving your business down the street, across the country or even internationally, we can ensure that your move is seamless. 

We do more than make your relocation efficient, we’ll also do our best to minimise the disturbance to your business. Our environmental management means that we can handle your move without impeding on your employees and everyday operations. 

You can rely on Allied for more than getting your furniture and business belongings from A to B! Our wide range of moving services mean we can provide you everything your relocation may require, including packing and unpacking your items to even relocating your vehicles. Make your move (and life) easier by chatting to our team about every aspect of your business relocation. 

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