10 Reasons Why You Need to Use a Professional Removalist

10 Reasons Why You Need to Use a Professional Removalist Featured Image

Regardless of whether you are moving a suburb away or to a new continent, you’ll be faced with the age old moving conundrum - should I hire a professional moving company? We all know that moving can be a daunting task as well as an expensive one. While hiring a team of professionals to facilitate and perform your move can make things easier, most people wonder if it's worth the cost? It’s not uncommon to try to convince a couple of friends to help out and help you move by yourself. However, professional removalists can make your relocation experience stress-free and seamless. Here’s ten reasons why trusting the experts pays off. 

1) Highly efficient

Life is too short to waste time moving. When you choose professional movers, they’ll make your relocation as efficient as possible. From professional packing to the transporting of your belongings and furniture, a team of removalists are able to complete moving tasks quicker than you due to their experience and expertise. The faster your move, the faster you’ll be able to begin enjoying your new home or workplace. 

2) No heavy lifting 

Even if you’re no stranger to lifting weights, carrying heavy furniture and boxes all day is tiring. When you move by yourself, you won’t have access to the proper equipment nor do you have professional training. So you can easily injure yourself or your belongings as you become tired through-out the move. It’s also common for people to overestimate their strength and can potentially be hazardous to themselves and others when attempting to lift a heavy item. It’s best to not put yourself and items at risk and leave the heavy lifting to the trained professionals. Some furniture can also be awkward to carry and fit through certain spaces or stairs, however professional removalists will have the necessary expertise and equipment to navigate these situations. 

3) Prioritise what matters 

It’s easy to forget that there’s more to a relocation than transporting yourself and your belongings from point A to B. You’ll want to get used to your new home or office, find your local cafe, supermarket and other amenities, as well as begin exploring the unfamiliar neighbourhood. Choosing to hire professional removalists means you can focus on what matters to you, whether that’s planning the layout of your new home or saying goodbye to your mates and family. The moving experts can oversee the logistics of your relocation so you don’t need to waste precious time overseeing the logistics of your move. 

4) Cost effective

Did you know that choosing to move with a professional moving company can end up being a better deal than moving yourself? By adding up the cost of hiring a moving truck, equipment, packing materials and all other incidental expenses that a move involves, the cost of moving yourself tends to far exceed the rate of professional removalists. You’ll also need to put a price on your time, especially if you or other friends and family need to take time off work to assist in the move. You’ll be responsible for damaged or lost belongings and furniture during the move if you do it yourself. 

5) Full range of services

Any good moving company will be able to cater every aspect of your relocation with a range of moving services. Moving can be unpredictable so having access to relocation services such as secure storage is incredibly helpful during your move. There is also an advantage of organising essential moving services such as car and pet relocation with the same moving company handling your other relocation needs. This helps to streamline the whole process and makes it easier and less time consuming compared to a DIY job. 

6) Have the necessary skills and experience

An obvious benefit of using a moving company is that their team will be professionally trained in handling all the logistics of moving. Having experience and skills in the relocation space may seem unnecessary, but it can make a noticeable difference in the overall success and efficiency of your move. Professional removalists will be familiar with moving more difficult items such as whitegoods or heavy furniture, and can transport them in and out of your home without damaging the items or leaving any marks on surrounding walls and floors. 

7) Industry standard materials and equipment

Few things in life are as tedious and boring as packing for a move. By hiring a moving company, you’ll have access to professional packing services and materials. You won’t worry about your items being damaged or broken during the move as the experts will use trusted materials and techniques to pack your belongings and furniture. A subpar DIY packing job can put your precious belongings and furniture at risk of damage during transit, and some materials used for packing can leave marks or scratches on your items. However if you’d rather pack your own items, a moving company like Allied can provide industry standard packing materials to get the job done yourself. 

8) Properly insured

When it comes to moving yourself, it’s common to forget about the issue of insurance. A professional moving company will be responsibly insured and also offer comprehensive plans to cover you and your items in the event of an unlikely accident. This is ideal for when items occasionally become damaged or lost during transit. Professional removalists are insured to cover freak accidents such as injury while moving heavy furniture.

9) Avoid the boring admin

Any move requires some level of administration and organisation to successfully get the job done. Interstate and international moves have even more significant amounts of paperwork to handle. Navigating customs, transportation, and any other relocation rules and regulations can be a nightmare, especially if you don’t have a clue on what you’re doing. Professional removalists can handle this aspect of relocating on your behalf and ensure that your move isn’t held up by frustrating bureaucracy.

10) Make your move seamless

As moving is already one of the most stressful experiences in life, why not make it easier by hiring the professionals? When you choose a moving company, you’re choosing to make your move smooth and hassle-free. Let someone else agonise over the logistics and do the literal heavy lifting for you.

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