Moving Checklist

To ensure a seamless move, we have created a comprehensive moving checklist to address all stages of the moving process, from initial planning to the big day. This checklist will help you better understand the entire moving process – from pre-planning to completion with delivery of your goods and after-service care – and helps prepare you for tasks that are essential to reach your new destination seamlessly. . 

Be ready for your move by obtaining professional packing advice from Allied India relocation specialists. Our experienced team can provide helpful tips on moving with children at different ages and what their needs are likely to be dependent on their stage in life. We draw on our partner relationships to help you with pet relocations and vehicle relocations in India.

Planning is everything

We recommend planning your move at least 12 weeks in advance to ensure you have all your tasks ticked off your list well ahead of time. This way if you do encounter hurdles, such as visa applications or medical requirements and paperwork you have plenty of time do organise your affairs. 

If you’re moving in India and want the best advice on the market, Allied is your go-to removals team, whether you’re planning a local move or an international relocation.

A moving checklist is key to a successful move

Talk to our specialist move consultants to have a better feel for your next step and download our expert moving checklist to help you get started.

In our moving checklist, you’ll find important points such as informing your children’s teachers and schools they’ll be relocating as well as advice about taking photographs of items for the moving inventory to further safeguard your belongings.

There are items on the moving checklist you won’t have thought of and if you think of anything extra yourself, feel free to add it to the list to ensure you’re organised on moving day.