Moving With Pets In The UAE

moving with pets in dubai

Moving house without your furry friends just isn’t an option for most people. If you have a four-legged or feathered family member who’s been with you for years, it’s highly unlikely you could bear the thought of parting company with them. Fortunately, finding a good mover for your pets in the United Arab Emirates isn’t as difficult as it sounds.

One of the good things about moving locally with pets in the UAE is that unless the animal is under 4 months old, there is no quarantine time expected to delay their arrival in your new Emirate. Depending on where you want to move within the UAE, moving with your pets requires proper planning to ensure their wellbeing.

1. Is your new home pet-friendly? 

What type of pet do you have? 

Not all accommodation will allow pets to live on the premises. If you’re looking for an apartment in Dubai and you own a dog, you may be better off searching for a villa instead. Often cats and birds are permitted to live in apartment buildings but, to be safe, always check with your new landlord if they allow pets on the premises before signing any paperwork.

2. Does your pet have identification?

Moving house can take a toll on pets, whereby animals can escape the premises and try to find their way home to their old address, particularly cats and dogs. Also, your animals can be unsettled by having strangers, ie, movers, coming and going from your home. So to prevent the worst from happening and your treasured fur babies getting lost, ensure your pets are microchipped and wearing collars with your phone number for identification.

3. Is your pet travel-ready?

The UAE allows 2 pets per person into the country, so if you are a foreigner with a brood of felines, not all hope is lost. Local moving won’t be as tough as an international relocation however, your pet will be less stressed if they’re healthy and ready to travel. It’s time to visit your vet to check their health and keep their medical certificate nearby in case of an emergency. It’s also a good idea to buy or rent a pet carrier well before the move. Encourage the animal into the box by putting in familiar bedding, blankets or a favourite toy and allowing the pet to get used to it, without locking the opening.

4.  What is your mode of travel and how many pets are you transporting?

Pack enough food, treats and water so your pets can remain well-fed and hydrated. Also, find a carrier that is spacious enough for them to sit, stand, and move.  If you’re driving to a distant Emirate, you’ll need to plan for multiple toilet stops for your pet and allow them to walk around. 

It’s best to take your pets with you in your own car, rather than a moving truck, to help reduce their anxiety. However, if this is not possible or you have too many pets, discuss their needs with your qualified UAE pet mover well in advance of your moving date. 

Allied has plenty of experience moving pets as well as belongings for families around the world. When moving with pets in the UAE, seeking professional help will take some of the pressure off, so you’re free to focus on other elements of your move. Please contact us for a quote to move your household and pets.