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Moving Around UAE



It’s difficult to find a city quite like Dubai. Once a small fishing village, Dubai is now a cosmopolitan metropolis; a hub for global travel and trade. Already a popular tourist destination, UAE residents and expatriates across the globe are deciding to make Dubai their home. There’s a lot to love about living in Dubai, with the economic benefits being a major drawcard. Initially Dubai was founded on a gas and oil economy, but the tourism sector has exploded over the last decade. This has created a wealth of opportunities in trade, tourism, real estate and financial services. Unless you are in the oil business, you can enjoy the benefits of income tax exemption. 

Dubai offers everything when it comes to exciting nightlife. With endless nightclubs, restaurants, and sports clubs you’ll never be bored again. Keep in mind that Dubai censors their internet so some movies, publications and websites may be inaccessible. Popular with families, Dubai offers excellent education, top of the line healthcare, low crime rates and the world’s largest shopping mall. The international schools and universities such as King’s School Dubai are recognised around the world but tend to be expensive and extremely competitive to get into. 

Life in Dubai does not come cheap, with living costs often compared to London. Purchasing a home is expensive due to inflated prices. However, serviced apartments can be found across the city and are generally considered good value. While petrol and vehicle prices are affordable, driving in Dubai can be stressful. The busy and complicated roads have a heavy traffic camera presence. The bus network offers a cheap and convenient way to travel the city. The metro is air-conditioned and fully automated, making it an incredibly efficient way to travel around the city.

Dubai Moving Services



Although Abu Dhabi is the capital of the UAE, it’s slightly more laidback and smaller than Dubai. As the Government offices and oil business are at the heart of the economy and city, you’ll find it’s less flashy and glitzy than Dubai. Of course, you’ll still find extravagant resorts and impressive shopping malls, but the natural landscapes provide a calmer feel to the city. 

Abu Dhabi boasts a melting pot of cultures. Over the past four decades, the city has had an influx of expats from over 70 nationalities. You can expect an incredible array of cuisines, including Indian, Nepalese, Chinese and Ethiopian, to be available for every budget. 

With a hot desert climate, you can expect sunny blue skies throughout the year. It is however worth noting, the summer months tend to be scorching hot with sandstorms occurring occasionally. Luckily, it’s easy to escape the hotter months as many exciting locations are less than a four hour flight away. 

Finding suitable accommodation can be tough, especially on a budget. If you are relocating for work then an employer might substitute some of your relocation or living costs. When navigating the streets of Abu Dhabi, keep in mind that street addresses have been mostly abandoned. Instead, the locals use a system of landmarks to explain the location of their home. 

Compared to Dubai, taxis are affordable in Abu Dhabi. But, the traffic can be a nightmare as the road infrastructure has struggled to keep up with growing demand. 

Abu Dhabi Moving Services



Compared to the larger UAE cities, Sharjah is a more modest and affordable alternative. The cultural capital of the Emirates, Sharjah is a city of hidden gems and embodies the essence of the Arabian lifestyle. Unlike the flashy lifestyle of Dubai, you’ll find a greater emphasis on Islamic culture with various historic sites, mosques and traditional soques. 

Ideal for families, the accommodation in Sharjah is larger and far more affordable than other UAE cities. You can find a three-bedroom apartment in Sharjah for the price of a studio apartment in Dubai. Sharjah also offers more when it comes to natural beauty. Families love the beaches, mountains, deserts and the Wasit Nature Reserve which provide a break from the busy city lifestyle.

Sharjah is a city of expats. More than a million expatriates live in the UAE city and there are various international schools from across the globe from Germany to Australia. However, Sharjah is loyal to its traditional Islamic roots and is considered a ‘dry state’ with limited alcohol available.

Sharjah Moving Services



Ajman is a city on the rise. Located in the smallest emirate, Ajman has a charming and peaceful quality which attracts expats and UAE residents alike. Only an hour drive to the Dubai city centre, it’s easy to enjoy the affordable and quiet lifestyle in Ajman while making a generous salary in the larger city. 

In Ajman, you’ll find a range of beaches, parks and other leisure activities to enjoy. There are also numerous historic sites to visit including The Red Fort and Hassa Buweid Castle. 

Living in Ajman means you can trade a smaller apartment in Dubai or Abu Dhabi for a large house. However, you won’t be able to expect the same amenities to be available in Ajman. 

Spaces in the good schools are limited, so some families send their children to school in Dubai which often provide transportation from Ajman. 

Ajman Moving Services


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