Business & Office Movers in Dubai

office movers in Dubai

Corporations around the world turn to Allied when they need to relocate their workforce and operations. Allied's experience and expertise in office relocations worldwide provides business managers with fully integrated, international relocations, regardless of which countries they’re moving to. 

We have streamlined our processes into one seamless transition, which integrates the separate phases, including planning, project management, communication, personal contact and timeline punctuality. As a business manager, we understand your bottom line is crucial, so we ensure minimal downtime during your move. 

Specialised Office Relocation Services Tailored to Your Needs

Relocating business premises offers different challenges from domestic moving, although both are often stressful for anyone relocating. The logistics of moving offices take on a different aspect, due to the amount of confidential information involved. 

Protect Your Assets During Your Relocation

As a business manager, the protection of your customer’s company assets is non-negotiable. The team at Allied United Arab Emirates understands the importance of security for IT equipment and data storage. We ensure full decommissioning of IT and telecoms systems is carried out correctly the night before or on moving day, so there are no loose ends or possibilities of leaked information. 

Once at your new location, you can rely on all systems being reinstated quickly and efficiently. 

Managing Client Privacy

When moving business premises, it’s understandable that you as a manager must safeguard your clients’ confidential information. Whether you keep details on hard copy in lockable filing cabinets or store them digitally, you can reassure your clients their privacy will not be compromised.

Managing Employee Expectations

Office relocations are stressful for most concerned. Your employees not only have to worry about their new workplace, they will also be wondering where their kids will go to school along with a host of other concerns.

For this reason, it’s vital you manage your employees’ expectations during the move. This is where Allied UAE’s extensive experience moving offices stands apart from other removalists. As manager, we liaise with you at every stage, so you can confidently inform your employees about what to expect within precise timelines.

Of course, what you choose to tell your staff is up to you, therefore, when you choose Allied, you will be armed with all the facts if called upon to elaborate.

Managing Business Continuity

At Allied, we take a personal approach that takes into consideration the needs of individual employees, as well as business managers. Our lines of communication are open 24/7. We operative proactively, so you don’t have to keep calling us. We’ll contact you to reassure you that deadlines are being met.

Contact our Dubai moving team and start planning your office move today. Our moving consultants will work with you to ensure a seamless transition with as little disruption to your business as possible.