Relocation Services UAE 

Allied United Arab Emirates is backed by the network support of our parent company SIRVA to be able to offer an unmatched number of relocation services and moving solutions to corporate clients.

SIRVA’s worldwide relocation network provides first-class moving solutions to corporations, company staff, civil servants, and sole trading expats alike.

This array of corporate options has pushed SIRVA to become the UAE’s most trusted relocation service provider within Dubai, Abu Dhabi and throughout the Emirates. 


Allied UAE provides a range of individually tailored moving solutions for corporations and their highly valued employees, regardless of their status within the company. Every one of your team members is valued and we aim to deliver a service whereby our expertise reflects your commitment to your staff.

At Allied we understand needs vary dependent on personal factors, in addition to whether your employees are relocating to or from the UAE. However, thanks to the extensive range of moving services available within the SIRVA network, we have been able to successfully relocate thousands of satisfied employees to more than 200 countries. 

Our superior corporate relocation programs have allowed employees to receive the best services specific to their needs, including:

●      Immigration help
●      Organising employment visas and all necessary work permits
●      Home research and the establishment of temporary accommodation. 
●      Translation and foreign language assistance. 


For those looking to relocate a family unit to their new location, SIRVA can provide the same level of assistance and resources. 

Our aim is to make any overseas transition as smooth as possible by connecting family members with all required amenities and necessities within their new location. 

Thanks to SIRVA’s extensive domestic contacts in each country, we are able to arrange and connect family members with services that include, but are not limited to:

●    Necessary visas, including immigration, spouse and work applications
●    Education and schooling requirements for children and students with the home
●    Language schools
●    Cultural awareness programs


Allied UAE and SIRVA will ensure individuals are not left without transport upon arrival at their new location by providing shipping for vehicles to your new location. 

A dedicated global vehicle team is able to provide a simple relocation to any individually owned or company vehicles, ensuring maximum convenience upon arrival at your destination. 

We will organise all necessary documentation, shipments and requirements to ensure vehicles can be ready to drive upon arrival. 


Not to be forgotten are your treasured family pets. The relocation of any household pets can also be arranged, further alleviating individual or family stresses throughout your move process. 

Our dedicated team at SIRVA will ensure all necessary permits, health checks and shipment arrangements are organised in advance to ensure the quickest and safest transition for your furry, feathered or fishy friends. 


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