UAE Pet Relocation Services 

Pet relocation services make it possible to take your beloved family pet with you when you are relocating from UAE.

Pet’s are an important part of any family, and with our safe and comfortable pet relocation service, there is no need to leave your beloved furry family member behind.

Taking your pet with you also makes settling in to your new home much easier.

How To Prepare For A Pet Relocation 

Pet relocation is a time-sensitive matter which needs to be planned and prepared for well in advance.

As pet lovers and global pet relocation specialists, the team at Allied know just what you need to do to prepare your pet for relocation.

You should ensure that your pets are:

●     Implanted with an ISO Microchip

●     Vaccinated against Rabies (for most countries)

●     Up to date with their annual vaccinations

Read our detailed article on pet relocation should you require more information on preparing your pet for a relocation.

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