Tips to Make your Move Hassle Free

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The United Arab Emirates is mostly inhabited by expatriates who are here to work and simultaneously, enjoy the Arabian lifestyle. However, the natural curiosity of relocated expatriates ensures they are always open to hearing about a better, more strategic and convenient place to live. Being foreign to the local best bargains and hot spots allows the typical expatriate to often be on the lookout for a better deal. So if you’ve found a great place and can’t wait for your lease agreement to expire, how do you ensure a hassle-free move?

The Hassles of Moving and How to Avoid them

  1. Organising your time.

    If there is one thing anybody moving in and around the UAE could avoid, it would be sorting and rearranging their belongings. The UAE, like any other Middle-Eastern country, has a heady timetable of events and occasions to attend. Almost every day of the year, there is something going on somewhere. Your busy schedule and willingness to unwind after a hard day’s work makes it harder to arrange a move.

    Some landlords will allow you to move your possessions a week or so before moving day. Be sure to check so you can move your items bit by bit. Find time to do some light cleaning. Hang your paintings or plan how your bedroom will look and where to place furniture around your new home. This will save you time and effort when the moving date arrives.

  2. Transporting bulky furniture.

    There may come a point, where you realise you cannot move all your belongings by yourself. Most of the villas and flats for rent in the Emirates do come with air conditioners or built-in cabinets. However, if you are moving to an unfurnished home, it is necessary to bring your sofa, washing machine, dishwasher and fridge, etc. To achieve a hassle-free move, contact Allied for a free, cost estimate. Our internationally renowned moving teams are known for exceptional customer service and reliable moving crews.

  3. Maintenance check.

    You wouldn’t want to move to a home that has a faulty water heater or air conditioner, especially if you are in the Middle East. Pay a visit to your new home at least a week before settling in to make sure that the utilities are in good shape and there are no broken lights or power sockets that don’t work.

  4. Household repairs.

    Some landlords in the UAE require a moving out permit to ensure there are no outstanding bills addressed to their property and the villa/flat is in good form. Make the necessary repairs needed to avoid additional hassle with your landlord. Fix the holes or do a light painting job if needed. You do not want your landlord charging you for additional expenses or have trouble acquiring your security cheque returned to you.


A 100% hassle-free move is never guaranteed, however, you can certainly minimise your risks. Make a timeline and a checklist, colour code or label your boxes, donate and declutter. Planning early is key, while hiring a reliable mover in the UAE helps a great deal – especially one like Allied as we can insure you against breakages and loss. If you’ve found a dream rental and can’t wait to move closer to the action, get in touch with Allied to help you with all your moving needs.