Pet Relocation – What you Need to Know

Pet relocation is a big consideration for many people moving between countries let alone continents. Uprooting your family can seem especially daunting if you have a beloved animal companion to add to the equation. As with most things, there is an easy way and a hard way to accomplish pet relocation from the Emirates. You can do it yourself or employ a pet relocation specialist through Allied. Either way, here are some vital facts to help you with the process.

Air Services

Not all air services are the same. Some have better ways of dealing with family pets than others. This is especially true over longer distances. It is very important to find out about the airline companies' policies before you even consider moving your pet between countries. It is also recommended you choose direct flights, with less stopovers if you are flying with animals as they can become stressed.

While there are companies that will allow you to check your pet in as excess luggage, do not take this for granted. This is fairly recent practice that is aimed at saving people money. Many people find that spending a bit extra to take care of their pet is well worth the expense. After all, they are valued members of your family.

Some airlines have an excellent reputation for pet handling. However, these services depend on the length of the flight involved. It could be that any flight that is scheduled for longer than two hours will incur further costs. If you’re worried you may choose the wrong flight or you’re confused by the regulations, it’s best to leave the details to professional pet relocation specialists in the UAE, who work with Allied, which have years of experience transporting animals safely.

Pet Documentation

If you are considering pet relocation from Dubai, make sure your pet is properly documented and vaccinated. Different countries have different policies, but there will be some kind of pet passport scheme in operation. Trying to deal with these aspects can be very time consuming and involve a lot of research. Therefore, many pet owners opt to deal with a specialist through their international moving company, which can take care of the whole process and with a team who understands the various regulations pertaining to different countries.

Having the required vaccinations and paperwork is a legal requirement to prevent the spread of disease between countries. It is a much friendlier transport arrangement than the old quarantine systems, which have for the most part now been abolished.

Whichever country you’re headed to, there are certain breeds of dog that no airline will carry. There are international rules on dangerous dogs, which you will need to check before you think about relocating your pet if your animal is one of these breeds.

If you take the ‘do it yourself’ option of pet relocation from Abu Dhabi, you will need to be aware of the slots that airlines allow for the process and you will need to have the correct paperwork to board one of these flights with your pet.  Again, taking advantage of Allied and their partners comprehensive knowledge of the systems in place for pet relocation will save you time and worry, especially considering all the other aspects concerned with your international relocation from the UAE.

Prepare Carefully For Your Pet

Allied will facilitate all your pet relocation needs as an all in one professional service. It’s worth the investment into the safe transportation of your pet from UAE, saving time and anxiety for both yourself and your pet in the long run.

The team at Allied and their partners offers extensive experience relocating hundreds of beloved pets from the UAE. Contact us on (971) 4 818 0400 so you can focus on the many other aspects of your move.




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