Your Guide To Moving To Asia In A COVID Safe Way



Moving internationally takes a significant amount of planning. To ensure you can successfully move during the Pandemic, you’ll need to take the time to adequately research before you begin packing your things. 

Check if your move is legal

The Pandemic has seen many countries close their borders and limit international arrivals. Depending on your chosen destination, you may need to apply for a permit or permission to relocate. To enquire whether you’ll need to apply for specialised permission or a specific visa, you can do research online or contact the relevant Asian country’s consulate. You may also require an exemption to depart your country of origin. 

File any relevant documentation 

Once your move has been approved (if necessary), the next step is to acquire any relevant documentation for your international move. The documentation will vary depending on the reason for your relocation. It may include applying for a visa, work or study permit, having proof of income, job confirmation, or adequate savings, and any other documents. 

Prioritise healthcare

Will your new home be close to essential amenities including healthcare? Does your new country have a sufficient healthcare system that can respond to changes to or the spread of the Coronavirus? Before you relocate, ensure you have organised appropriate health insurance so you will be covered during the move and at your new home. 

Book a reliable moving service

You’ll need a trusted and reputable moving company to assist you with relocating to Asia during the Pandemic. Allied has been able to adapt to the new regulations and ensures to take every COVID safe precaution possible. By choosing an experienced company like Allied, you’ll minimise any risk, and stress during the move as you can rely on them to guide you through the process. 


COVID-19 has proven itself to be unpredictable. After booking your move, you’ll need to keep an eye out for changes in travel restrictions and other social or economic impacts COVID can cause. 

Prioritise health

This is the most important thing you can do before your move. Ensure you are prioritising your health, practising good hygiene and avoiding high risk areas leading up to your move. Wearing a mask is especially important and sticking to social distancing during the move is also crucial. 

Pack a COVID safe kit

When packing your belongings and furniture, make a COVID kit to carry with you. We recommended having a supply of masks, tissues, hand sanitiser, antibacterial wipes, pain relief and bottled water with you during the move. 


Plan for supply chain issues

COVID has resulted in significant supply chain disruptions which may have an impact on your move. Depending on the timing of your move and the location of your origin country, you may need to plan for increased waiting times and price surges. If you need your belongings and furniture urgently, discuss the options available with your moving company. 

Choose your airline wisely

All airlines and other transportation services have been significantly impacted by COVID-19.  If you are flying to your new home in Asia, ensure to read the terms and conditions of the flights you purchase. Many airlines have introduced strict cancellation policies regarding COVID and may not refund your flights in the case of outbreaks or changes in regulations. 

Be flexible

From flight cancellation to snap lockdowns, the COVID-19 situation is unpredictable. Being flexible with your moving plans can prevent any potential disappointment or problems if disruption occurs. Creating a backup plan is also recommended so you can easily work around any issues like border closures or exposure to the virus. Depending on your reasons for moving, is relocating during the Pandemic necessary? If moving for lifestyle or non essential reasons, it might be wise to postpone your moving plans until it is safer and easier to relocate. 


Every country in Asia is handling its COVID response differently. Ensure you stay abreast of any changes in quarantine requirements for international arrivals and plan accordingly. 

Set up your new home

When moving to a new country, you’ll be excited to explore your new surroundings and enjoy everything the culture has to offer. However, we recommend that you set up your new home as soon as possible. Ensure you’ve got a sufficient supply of food, medical supplies, toilet paper and any other essentials. 


At Allied, we are constantly adapting to the challenges of COVID and helping people relocate during the Pandemic. You can contact our friendly team to discuss your move and we will guide you through the process. Our video quote offering means we can easily begin your relocation process straight from your home. If you’re planning to move to Asia, fill out the request for a quote or contact us today.