How to Pack When Moving to a Smaller Space

Packing boxes

If you’ve moved to Dubai to follow your financial dreams and set up residence in a palatial apartment, thinking that living like a king is the best way to attract a similar lifestyle, you may be wondering where all your hard-earned salary is going. Let’s face it, you don’t really need the spare room, do you? Therefore, moving into a smaller space in Dubai is practical, especially if you are an expat living in the United Arab Emirate.

If you’re looking to save money, downsizing your apartment will save on rent and utility bills. There are plenty of suitable studios and one-bedroom apartments available in and around the Emirate, which will easily fit yourself, couples or small families.

Moving to a smaller space when you’ve been dwelling in a large apartment or villa can be challenging. Choosing what to keep and what to get rid of can be quite time-consuming and mentally draining, especially if you’re not a very decisive person.

When it comes to moving to a smaller space in Dubai, there are some packing tips you should always follow.

Plan early

Before deciding to downsize, be sure you’ve given yourself plenty of time to prepare for your move. You may want to ditch the whole furniture-transport thing altogether and move into a fully furnished apartment. If you aren’t planning to reside in the UAE for very long, moving to a fully furnished accommodation will be much more convenient as you won’t have to dispense with furniture when you leave the country. If you have a lengthy work contract and are staying awhile, you may choose an unfurnished apartment to add your individual flourishes and home décor.

Create a thorough inventory

One factor to help remain organised is to sort out your belongings and write an inventory. An itemised list will show you what you need or can’t live without and what you’re no longer attached to. You are likely to discover you have a lot of items you simply don’t need or want and can throw these away or donate them.


Moving to a smaller space is the best time to tidy and reorganise your possessions. When moving to a smaller abode, you have to relinquish your bulkier belongings as they will only clutter your apartment. There’s nothing wrong with going over your inventory a number of times until you’ve stripped it right back to favourites and rubbish. You can donate or sell any leftover belongings.

Maximise your new space

There are many YouTube tutorials on how to maximise your space with basic interior design. You can Google Japanese tidying expert Marie Kondo for some really great storage tricks. Create a mud map of your new space and visualise how to fit your furniture before you move in. Know your dimensions and always carry a tape measure with you when shopping for furniture or home items to avoid disappointment when the delivery van arrives. Ask your landlord if you can repaint your space in a lighter colour to give it a brighter, more spacious look.

Get started as soon as possible

In today’s tech-reliant world, you’ll need to contact your internet provider or any other subscriptions to find out how to transfer your accounts to your new address to avoid experiencing a ‘black spot’ for a few days once you’ve moved in. Do the same if you have to transfer electricity and water as well. Create a checklist of all the providers you need to contact before moving.

Moving is exhausting, especially if you wait until the last minute to organise. Plan early, talk to professionals and tick off a timetable as you complete each task, so you aren’t stressing at the last minute.


Moving to a smaller space in Dubai is a great way to save money and live more conveniently, so for all your moving needs, contact the experienced team of international movers at Allied for a free moving estimate.