Handling an International Move from the UAE with Ease

Falling in love with the United Arab Emirates is easy. Its seven Emirates will give you a taste of luxury and sophistication, which has earned its capital Abu Dhabi the label, “Paradise City”. If you’re an expat working in the UAE and your contract is coming to an end, you may be sad to leave this exotic location, but that doesn’t mean you should leave your moving plans till the last minute. Relocating to another country from the UAE involves a fair bit of planning so you can leave the desert paradise easily.

Moving from the UAE made simple

Careful and thorough planning is essential when moving home, especially if you are leaving for good. Below are some tips that can help reduce the stress of moving from the UAE.

1.Transferring your money

Many expats work long hours in order to earn healthy incomes so they take home a nice little nest egg to help set them up financially. Therefore, it’s important to transfer your money to your local bank. You can either wire your money or transfer it online or via money exchange stations. Leave enough cash on hand to suit your daily needs.

2. Close your Bank Accounts

Clear your existing loans and/or credit card debts. If you are unsure, go to your nearest branch and ask for assistance. Make sure to take your ID and passport. An account that is not closed will incur a continuous AED$25 (about AUD$8) monthly payment.

3. Taking care of your properties and tenancy

If you are one of the many who do not want the hassle of moving with too many belongings, advertise and sell bigger items, such as vehicles and furniture. Please note there are certain laws around selling your car in the UAE that differ from the rest of the world and can end up with your vehicle being impounded. Advertise at least one month prior to leaving. The earlier you start, the better. In case you are not able to sell, you can authorise a family member or appoint a power of attorney to do it for you.

Sort out your tenancy with your landlord and make sure to arrange a notice period of at least a month. Undertake any necessary minor repairs on your apartment or villa to avoid any deductions from your deposit.

4. Close down your Utilities and Telecom


Each Emirate has its own water and electricity authority. The following links will provide you with everything you need to know, including the documents you need to have, in order to close your water and electricity account.

Abu Dhabi – Abu Dhabi Distribution Company
Dubai – Dubai Electricity & Water Authority
Sharjah – Sharjah Electricity & Water Authority
Umm al-Quwain – Federal Electricity & Water Authority
Ajman – Federal Electricity & Water Authority
Fujairah – Federal Electricity & Water Authority
Ras al-Khaimah – Federal Electricity & Water Authority


a. Etisalat
Hotline: 800-101. 
A postpaid contract with Etisalat is usually about 2 years. If you are not able to complete your contract, a subsequent penalty fee shall be incurred on your bill.
b. Du
Hotline: 800-155. 
Du requires its customers to call before cancelling their accounts. Their customer service representatives will contact you within three working days to confirm your cancellation. You can then pay your existing bill at the nearest branch.

5. Hire a professional and trustworthy removalist

While sifting through all the legalities of leaving the UAE already has your hands full, hiring reliable professionals to relocate your belongings is imperative to ensure a smooth move. Once you’ve chosen your UAE removalist you can focus on other commitments, such as handing over your work duties or obtaining clearances from your company.  

Going back and forth to the UAE will not be a hassle if you adhere to the nation’s requirements and regulations so that the locals will welcome you with open arms and warm hearts.

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