Taking on an international move is an exciting new adventure! Before you dive into a new culture and settle into your new home, you need to consider and choose the right moving company for your international relocation.

Choosing the right international mover can be tough, especially when you have no previous experience with removalist companies. Luckily, we have created this guide in order to assist in your decision to choose an international mover for a smooth move!

What to look for in an international mover

The ideal international moving company will be different for each case. With every move being unique, it is essential that you choose a moving company that will cater to your needs. To ensure you choose the best international mover for your relocation, become familiar with the following criteria.

High level of experience & highly trained team

With a great wealth of experience in international relocations and a highly trained team, your international moving company will ensure you have a stress-free and seamless move. An international move is daunting, with a lot more planning and logistics required compared to moving locally within Hong Kong. Moving companies need to deal with the challenges that come with an international move, such as the navigation of customs and changing time zones, along with the packing of your belongings for a long journey. Ensure that you speak with your moving company about their experience in moving from Hong Kong, and whether they have performed similar moves to your destination. When making your decision, ensure that your moving company is transparent on the level of staff training, and can give you the confidence that your move is in safe hands

Offer multiples services

As an international relocation involves multiple moving parts at once, you will likely require different services to meet these needs. You need to determine whether you want to relocate your car or take your pet with you from Hong Kong to your new overseas home. You may even simply need assistance with your packing. With additional needs, a high quality international moving company should offer a range of further moving services.

A global network of movers

Moving internationally can be hard enough trying to deal with one provider during a move, so dealing with multiple moving companies can be an enormous headache. Between moving companies, there is a possibility of communication breakdowns that can lead to your belongings becoming lost or sent to the wrong address. Language barriers are likewise a common issue that needs to be tackled. It can also be tough to know which moving company to use once you arrive in your new country. By housing a global network of movers, these issues are minimised in their impact on your move.

With Allied, we have multilingual experts across the world in over 600 locations, allowing us to coordinate international moves seamlessly between Allied partner countries. Through our teams’ local experience and expertise, allows us to understand your destination and the challenges that you might face during your move.

Transparent communication

Being in the dark about the status and progress of your move is a less than ideal situation. By enquiring with your international mover, ask about the level of communication you can expect throughout your move. Be sure to ask about the team who will help you, such as a dedicated moving consultant who would be responsible for finer details in your move. An easy way to track the progress of your move, and know where your belongings are 24/7 allows for added peace of mind.  At Allied, our customers can access constant updates about their international move from Hong Kong through our use of GlobalCom.

Insurance plans

Even with the most careful and trusted moving company, there is a possibility of an accident occurring during your international move. Your belongings and furniture have a great distance to travel from Hong Kong to your new home, so they may be subject to unprecedented delays, bad weather or other accidents causing them to become damaged or lost. With these risks, it is highly important to ensure that your international moving company offers comprehensive insurance plans. Ask your moving company whether they provide insurance, what is covered by their insurance and how the claim process works before hiring them for your move.

Quotation service

High quality international moving companies should be able to provide you with a unique quote for your move. To ensure you are getting the best value, request a quote on your move from multiple movers so you can easily compare prices. Be careful going for the lowest quote, especially if it is considerably lower than the rest of your quotes. Prices that seem too good to be true, often are. Moving companies with suspiciously low prices may be cutting corners to save money, but this can lead to ongoing problems such as issues with customs to missing or damaged items.

Certified by industry bodies

A good way to determine whether you are choosing the right international moving company is to enquire if they are certified by industry bodies and organisations. Whether they are following the standards and regulations of relocations speaks to their reputation, and their overall quality of their operations. Industry bodies such as FIDI FAIM and quality management standards ISO-9001 accreditations put confidence in their service of international moves.

Choose Allied for your next international move

When you are moving internationally from Hong Kong, why not choose the best movers for the job? Not only does Allied Hong Kong exceed the standard, we go beyond expectations so your international relocation is seamless!

With an established and unparalleled network of service providers and highly developed moving processes, we can guarantee that no other company will be able to compete with the moving experience we can offer you. Facilitating relocations all over the world, we offer customised solutions for your move, whether it’s a household move or corporate relocation.

Moving more than 1,000 families a day, 365 days a year, you can rest assured that Allied will get you to your new home safely. Our well-trained moving specialists use the safest and most efficient packing techniques with the security of high-tech measures and shipping containers.

With Allied, you can trust that you’re in good hands, so you can relax and let us carry the load. Learn more about moving internationally with Allied Hong Kong today!