Corporate Social Responsibility

You can rest assured that Allied’s Corporate Sustainability policies comply with social, ethical, and environmental standards. Our policy encompasses practices in these areas that balance the current needs of our business with our commitment to strengthening global human and natural resources.

You will see firsthand that Allied and our parent company SIRVA are committed to enriching the lives of our associates as well as the communities in which we operate through our corporate sustainability policies. Our commitment to being an outstanding corporate citizen includes:

• Reducing our carbon footprint and protecting our environment

• Promoting diversity in the workplace and partnering with diverse suppliers

• Developing and engaging associates to increase their levels of satisfaction and commitment to our organization

• Advocating and supporting a safe and healthy work environment

• Acting with integrity and adhering to the highest ethical standards as outlined in the SIRVA Code of Conduct

• Leading philanthropic and volunteer activities to give back to the communities in which we operate.

By adhering to our corporate sustainability policies and procedures, Allied and SIRVA are investing in the long-term environmental, economic, and social health of our organization, as well as our associates. Developing and following these practices will ensure we become an industry leader, not only in relocation, but corporate sustainability as well.

If you’d like to find out more about our sustainability practices, or if you represent a company that might wish to partner with us, we’d love to hear from you through our contact page.