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How to Optimize Your Corporate Relocation Program for Efficiency

If you’ve ever moved, you know that relocation can be a complicated process with a lot of moving parts and details to keep track of. For businesses managing employee relocations to and from a variety of locations all with their own unique needs, the work can quickly become an overwhelming and unmanageable task that eats into your bottom line.

Because relocation benefits are a key way to strengthen your retention and recruitment strategies, tossing the responsibility of managing moves back to employees isn’t necessarily the best option. Instead, take the time to flesh out a policy that benefits your employees and makes relocation management simpler for your team. Here are some ways your team can optimize your program for efficiency.

Standardize the Process and Develop a Policy

Starting from scratch every time an employee relocates can cause unnecessary stress for everyone involved and even inflate your budget for the move. Developing a standardized, written relocation policy can make the process more clear and consistent. This also helps remove the guesswork for your team and the moving employees alike, giving everyone a single reference point that covers every aspect of the process and addresses questions before they arise.

To create the most effective policy for your organization, it’s important to get input from the different departments involved with employee relocations. This is an opportunity for the procurement and HR teams to come together to develop a policy that benefits employees, simplifies the process and keeps the budget in mind.

When creating your relocation policy, no detail is too small. Here are some things your policy should address:

  • How are moving expenses covered? Are employees reimbursed, does the policy include a lump sum payment, are all expenses covered by the company upfront or somewhere in between?
  • Who chooses the moving company? Is there a list of preferred vendors for the employee to choose from or does the company have a preselected provider?
  • How are expenses tracked? If the employee needs to track and report moving expenses, provide expectations and clear guidelines. 
  • Additional information to include: Expected timelines for moves, additional benefits for members of the employee’s family, who they should contact if they have questions or concerns. 

Provide Comprehensive Information Upfront

Beyond developing a written policy internally, it’s important to provide clear, comprehensive information to your relocating employees from the get-go. More communication upfront means fewer questions and less confusion down the line – saving you and your employee time and stress. 

There’s no such thing as too much communication. Providing information both verbally and written, as well as providing them a point-person who can answer follow-up questions, is the best way to ensure your employees have the information they need and something to reference throughout the process. 

Work With One Vendor for Consistent Service 

When choosing outside vendors to partner with for employee relocations, work smarter, not harder. Rather than juggling multiple vendors, work with a relocation provider who can do it all under one contract. Not only can this help streamline the process, but working with a strong relocation provider gives you access to professional insights, quality, comprehensive support and a simplified line item in your budget that makes planning the financial aspect of your program less of a headache. 

Working with one vendor also helps to ensure that each of your employees receives a consistent experience and reduces the likelihood of unexpected costs, scams or differences in service quality.

Corporate Relocation Made Easy with Allied

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Are you an employee who is relocating with a lump sum benefit? Contact our moving experts now and get started.
Are you an employee who is relocating with a lump sum benefit? Contact our moving experts now and get started.