Moving from Singapore To London: Top 5 Things to Consider

moving from singapore to london

London is one of the most exciting cities in the world and moving to the city can be one of the best decisions for any expat. If you are moving from Singapore to London, there are a few things to keep in mind before you start packing your bags. 

1. Finding Accommodation in London

Property in Singapore tends to be on the costly side, but London is one of the most expensive cities in the world. If you decide to live in the centre of London, you can expect to pay about 20% more than what you pay for accommodation in Singapore.
The further away you are from the CBD, the cheaper and more spacious accommodation will be. If you want to purchase property, prices will be up to 30% more expensive. When moving from Singapore to London, it is suggested you first find a rental property in London to determine the best location in the long-term. 

2. London Transport 

One of the biggest similarities between Singapore and London is that both cities have great public transport networks.
Public transport is more expensive, particularly taxis, but the transport infrastructure reaches throughout the entire city and outer suburbs. You will not need to own a car, although you will be glad to know cars are much cheaper to buy in England than in the Lion City. Keep in mind that petrol is more expensive in London and you will also have to pay the Congestion Charge if you are driving in the busiest parts of the city. 

3. Utilities

Once you have completed your move from Singapore to London, you will need to find the relative service providers. There is, of course, a great variety of internet and energy providers so you can shop around. Your water provider will be whichever company supplies your area.
If you like watching television, you will need to pay for a TV licence, which funds the BBC. This is on top of any additional TV services you might want to hire. You also need to contact the council immediately and set up your council tax payments once you’ve moved in. 

4. Visas and Taxes

You will need to apply for a visa to be allowed to work in the United Kingdom. If you are being transferred by your company, they will need to sponsor your application. There are different types of visas available so have a look at the UK Border Agency’s website to find out more. 

You are likely to pay higher income taxes in the UK, so make sure you understand how much money you will be taking home at the end of each month. You will also need to deduct national insurance. The HMRC website can give you a clearer idea of what your contributions will be. 

5. Healthcare

The National Health Service (NHS) offers healthcare to UK residents. Since you would be paying National Insurance, you will be eligible to use their services. There are also different options for private insurance or your company might offer healthcare as a benefit. 

London is an exciting city, mixing the traditional with the modern. Full of history, you’ll find many exciting adventures await you in London. If you are ready to relocate to the English capital, contact Allied. Our team is ready to help you make the move. 
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