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What Does a Comprehensive Relocation Program Include?

Whether you work for a Fortune 500 company or a smaller local business, you’re likely familiar with offering relocation benefits to employees – you might have even used those benefits for your own move. However, your organization might not be aware of the wide range of opportunities and advantages that come with expanding those benefits and offering a comprehensive relocation program. 

A comprehensive relocation program can give your recruiting team a major competitive edge, help retain top talent and expand your talent market. If you want to build a relocation program to support your recruiting goals, you’ll have to move beyond a lump sum package. 

Here's what you should consider including to reap all the benefits you can from your relocation program.

Housing Support

Finding a new place to live is one of the most exciting parts of moving, but it also comes with its share of frustrations and obstacles. As part of an extensive relocation program, businesses can help relieve some of the burden from their relocating employees by offering assistance in selling their current home, buying their new one, or finding a rental property. This can look like connecting employees with a local real estate agent or apartment locator.

Your business can also help set up temporary housing for moving employees that need more time to find a permanent home, whether because of the relocation timeline or a desire to live in the area before committing to a location. 

Logistical Support

Anyone who has moved before can tell you that a lot of planning and organizing goes into the process. Companies can make relocating more manageable and less stressful for their employees by offering logistical support from day one. By working with a corporate relocation partner, businesses can provide comprehensive moving assistance like:

  • Packing and unpacking services
  • Household goods transportation
  • Storage
  • Managing travel arrangements

Additionally, establishing a single point of contact to coordinate between your organization, the employee and any other vendors ensures the process goes as smoothly as possible and nothing falls through the cracks. If an employee has a question about or requests for their relocation, they’ll know exactly who to go to. 

Family Support

Chances are, a significant portion of employees will be moving with their families. For employees moving with a partner, who will need to plan for how a move will impact their own job, children, parents or all three, there’s a laundry list of details they’ll need to consider for a successful move. Businesses can help by extending support not just to their employees, but to their families as well. This can include:

  • Childcare support
  • Staggered moving plans for families that can’t move all at once
  • Job search resources for family members
  • Information about local adult care centers and senior activities 
When coordinating a move for an employee with a family, it’s important to ensure all communication is clear and consistent, that you’re offering flexibility at every step and that you’re supporting their family as a whole and not just the individual employee. Taking a holistic approach to employees moving with their families can help them feel valued and cared for, giving them a great welcome to your company or reaffirming their choice to grow their career on your team. 

Comprehensive Support from Allied

Building a comprehensive relocation program is much easier with a partner. Allied Van Lines has spent 95 years growing our moving expertise and providing easy, stress-free and high-quality relocation experiences to customers around the nation – and the world. Through our global network of agents, we can offer localized support no matter where your employees’ relocations take them. With support from our parent company, SIRVA, we can offer fully integrated relocation services, including housing and mortgage assistance. As one of the largest single-source providers of relocation services, our team is ready to handle all of your moving needs, no matter how big or small. Learn more.

Are you an employee who is relocating with a lump sum benefit? Contact our moving experts now and get started.
Are you an employee who is relocating with a lump sum benefit? Contact our moving experts now and get started.