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Three Ways Your Corporate Moving Partners Can Support Your ESG Goals

Sustainability has become a critical focus for businesses across the globe. According to McKinsey & Company, more than 90% of S&P 500 companies actively track environmental, social and governance (ESG) goals, and Worldwide ERC reported that the majority of companies with a formal ESG strategy provide sufficient resources to support their efforts. 

While there are a lot of in-house business practices that can be addressed to achieve ESG goals, companies should also look externally to their suppliers and vendors. In fact, McKinsey recently reported that two-thirds of an organization’s ESG footprint is based on its suppliers. 

For any business managing relocations, a corporate moving supplier has the opportunity to make a big impact on your ESG footprint. Here are three ways your corporate moving partner can help support your organization’s ESG goals.  

Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

Through energy use, waste and carbon output, every business and industry has an impact on the environment. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, transportation accounts for about 27% of total U.S. greenhouse gas emissions. If your business relies on transportation, including for corporate moving, there is a big opportunity to make progress toward environmental goals by partnering with mobility leaders who are actively working to reduce their carbon emissions.

This can include:

  • Tracking and offsetting carbon emissions
  • Reducing fuel consumption
  • Utilizing more sustainable moving materials
  • And more

Improve Corporate Social Responsibility

The social aspect of ESG has both internal and external components: creating a diverse, inclusive, engaged workforce and giving back to the community. From an internal perspective, a corporate relocation program enables your business to recruit diverse talent beyond the radius of your office location by covering moving expenses. It can also keep employees engaged by supporting career advancement when relocation is required. 

From an external perspective, some corporate moving providers can work with relocating employees to support their own community initiatives, like donating nonperishable goods to local food banks.

Maintain Accountability

Governance is the accountability aspect of ESG, holding businesses to the ethical conduct of operations through internal policies, controls and training. Governance keeps the business accountable to its employees, customers and stakeholders, while also requiring suppliers and vendors to meet their own standards of accountability.

When selecting a corporate moving partner, make sure to choose a provider with a positive reputation that has invested in their own ethical policies and practices. An accountable provider should:

  • Have a national (or global) network of movers to ensure their supply can match your demand
  • Control costs and not sneak hidden fees into your contract
  • Follow consistent processes to ensure a dependable, quality experience for every move

Align with Allied for Your ESG Goals

Allied has been leading our own sustainability practices with the intention of being better stewards of the environment, our employees and clients by:

  • Partnering with Big Mile and the Climate Neutral Group (CNG) to monitor, reduce and offset our carbon emissions
  • Being a leading donor for Move for Hunger with 190,746 meals donated to local food banks across the country
  • Investing heavily in supply chain controls and expertise to ensure our own vendors and partners are compliant with international standards

With 95 years of experience as a leading moving company, we’ve established a reputation as a trusted provider that consistently delivers quality, positive moving experiences. We aim to continue earning that reputation by partnering with our clients to support their ESG goals. 

Download our white paper to learn more about what Allied is doing to become a more sustainable mobility partner, and how we can align with your organization to complement your ESG efforts.
Are you an employee who is relocating with a lump sum benefit? Contact our moving experts now and get started.
Are you an employee who is relocating with a lump sum benefit? Contact our moving experts now and get started.