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Donate Goods When You Move

Doing the Most Good

Allied’s Partnership with The Salvation Army

It’s almost move day and you have a bunch of stuff that just doesn’t need to go with you to your new home.  Instead of pitching it, donate it and do some good for someone in need and yourself!

Allied has partnered with The Salvation Army Adult Rehabilitation Center (ARC) program on a #MoveForTheMostGood campaign – which encourages people on the move to donate usable furniture, electronics, vehicles and household good items and in return, get a tax write-off for your donations.

About The Salvation Army ARC program
The Salvation Army has been around since 1865 and serves nearly 30 million Americans in need every year.  Their ARC program is the largest, self-funded FREE adult rehabilitation program in the United States that provides rehabilitation and recovery services to over 320,000 people each year.  Anything donated goes directly into their Family Stores (over 1,400 nationwide) and sales proceeds go right back into the ARC program.

Donation Process
When getting ready for move day, please use moving labels on the items you want to donate or put all your unwanted items in one location and then contact The Salvation Army to schedule a pickup day/time.  They’ll come to you! 

But make sure to keep a list of what you’re donating and the estimated value of the item(s) because you’re eligible for a tax write-off!  To determine the approximate tax-deductible value of your donation, reference the Value Guide at 

#MoveForTheMostGood for someone else and get a tax write-off in the process – DONATE TODAY to The Salvation Army!

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