Will Singapore Moving Companies Store Your Furniture?


Planning a move requires patience and it can be easy to become stressed over every little detail you have to contend with. Things can become quite hectic in the weeks leading up to the move, particularly when you realise that not everything you own will be able to come with you. If you are moving abroad or downsizing, you might be looking for a Singaporean moving company that can offer moving and storage solutions. It might seem like this will be another huge challenge to overcome yet you will be surprised by how easy it is to find movers that offer storage. 

When to Store 

Storage can be a great solution when your new home is not ready yet or if you are moving overseas temporarily. Paying for storage can be more cost-effective than selling your possessions then having to replace them. Of course, storage is worth every penny when you have items of personal value, which you simply cannot dispose of. In any case, you will need a professional Singapore moving and storage company that can store everything in perfect condition. 

Not Enough Space?

One of the first things you should do when planning a move is deciding what items to keep and which ones to recycle, sell or throw away. If you have already been through this process and still need to find storage, don’t despair! There are storage solutions for all types of circumstances and at Allied we will be more than happy to help you.

What We Offer

The team at Allied has been fortunate enough to collaborate with many households and businesses throughout the years. We have come across jobs where there were bulky items or possessions that were not required right away. In these cases, we have been able to offer moving and storage services. We can keep these items in secure vaults. We have storage facilities that are kept clean and dry to prevent damage to your belongings. If you need to store delicate items, we can provide climate-control options. 

Store with Care

We will take the best care of your belongings while they are with us, yet you will need to do a few things to help keep them in great condition. Furniture will need to be protected with bubble wrap or moving sheets and it is highly recommended to clean each item. Refrigerators, freezers or any other type of whitegoods must be cleaned and stored with the door ajar. Clean your power tools and discard fuel or anything that is flammable. Most importantly, keep an inventory of what is going into storage. 

By following these easy tips, you can be sure your items will be ready when you need them. Call Allied so we can discuss your Singapore moving and storage options. 
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