Why You Should Book The Moving Company Earlier Rather Than Later

It doesn’t matter whether you’re simply moving down the road, moving interstate or moving countries all together, when it comes to relocating your home, preparedness is your best friend. With a myriad of things to consider prior to the big day, leaving things to the last minute can prove disastrous, not to mention expensive. Many families have a limited moving budget to begin with. To ensure the process is as cost effective as possible, it’s imperative to get a head start on your planning well before the move to ensure you don’t get hit with any unexpected surprises. 

How Soon Before My Move Should I Book?

Allied generally recommends booking 6-8 weeks prior to your move. Booking any later than that could result in a lack of availability or inflated prices, especially during peak moving periods when many other families are making a similar change in location.

If you’ve already scheduled your movers to transport all of your belongings to Singapore, but you won’t be able to actually move in until after this date, don’t stress. Allied has a wide network of facilities around the globe and will be able to store all of your possessions until a time when you have the keys to your new home.  

Advantages Of Booking Early

Besides avoiding a last minute moment of panic, booking your international movers early has a number of other benefits. For one, it means availability is guaranteed. As your possessions will be transported to or from Singapore via shipping containers, space is finite. This means the later you leave it, the more likely available space will run out, causing you to potentially miss your scheduled move date. Securing your spot early also means fixed pricing, forgoing last minute spikes in cost due to unforeseen circumstances such as market conditions or seasonality.  

Allied Can Offer A Moving Consultant To Help You Prepare For Your Move

To ensure your move is as successful as possible, book a consultation with one of our moving experts to help suggest the moving solution to suit your needs. We will be able to provide you with a quote and ensure you know exactly how much to account for in your budget well ahead of time.

To find out more about Allied's moving services, or to book a consultation, visit www.alliedpickfords.com.sg or call +65 6862 4700.


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