Why It’s Imperative You Choose A Reputable International Mover


It might be due to work, perhaps due to family circumstances, or you’re simply looking for a change. Whatever the reason, making a move internationally can be quite scary if you haven’t done it before. There are so many things to prepare for - it’s quite easy to forget something important until it’s too late. But if you go with an experienced, well-respected and reliable international moving company such as Allied, you’ll be offered a comprehensive array of expert services for your international move. These include:


This is of course one area that you really shouldn’t brush over. Your possessions are important, and you should make sure they’re as safe as they can possibly be during transportation from one country to another. Allied happily provides well-designed packing materials made up of three different layers. Each of these layers has individual characteristics that ensure your items are as safe as can be throughout transit. If required we can also create specialized crating for the more delicate and precious belongings (antiques, sculptures, etc.).


While in the care of Allied, each and every one of your possessions will be handled with the greatest of care. But we can’t unfortunately give you a guarantee once they have been passed from our hands into those of handling agents, airlines, or elsewhere. At the end of the day, accidents do happen, so to safeguard yourself from unforeseen circumstances during transportation, our international transit insurance options have you covered.

Extra Services

If you’d prefer a professional to take care of everything door-to-door, it can most definitely be arranged. Sorting, packing and cleaning can all be performed for you at point A, and a valet unpacking service at point B means you really can relax through the entire process.

Why should you have to deal with multiple companies? All that does is cause stress and increases the chance of miscommunications due to the increased amount of touch points. Allied can take care of everything for you, saving you unnecessary stress and hassles down the track.


To find out more about Allied's moving services, or to book a consultation, visit www.alliedpickfords.com.sg or call +65 6862 4700.


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