When to start planning your international move

An international move can be exciting as you ready yourself for an invigorating change to your lifestyle. If you are relocating to or from Singapore, it is essential to start planning as soon as you can. Once you know that the move is going ahead, it is important to focus on getting things done as effectively as possible. Ideally, you should give yourself at least 12 weeks to fully organise an international relocation. Do not fret too much if you don’t think you have enough time.

Have a look at the checklist recommended by Allied Pickfords Singapore to help you complete most of your tasks completed in time.

Organise Your Finances

It may not be something you want to deal with but money issues are one of main problems facing expats in Singapore. Finding a way to open a bank account in your new location and either closing your current account or informing the bank that it will not be used are important. Opening a bank account in Singapore usually requires you to visit a branch, however, it is possible to find banks that will allow you to apply online. This can help you move money to your new location ready for when you arrive. Keep in mind you will initially need to pay a deposit, rent and perhaps installation fees for service providers.

You should also inform your local tax authority that you are moving overseas and ask them what you need to do for the duration of your stay in Singapore.

What Will You Take?

Moving home can be stressful, but there is a way to help reduce your anxiety. Start by identifying furniture and personal belongings you want to take with you. Contact Allied Pickfords for a quote on relocation services. This will allow you to prepare finances or perhaps reduce the number of items you’re taking to save space and costs. If you decide to leave your belongings behind, you can either sell them or put them in storage at an Allied Pickfords facility.

Your Family and Social Life

Ensure your new employer can help with family visas for any spouse or children who may be coming with you. Finding a new school for your kids to enjoy is an important, yet complicated process, so it’s best to start researching schools online as soon as you find out you’re moving to or from Singapore. Luckily, many Singaporean locals have a good understanding of English, although many also speak Tamil or Malay. With the large number of expats in Singapore, you will be able to find a community that speaks your own language. You can even join many different international clubs and groups to help you, your spouse and your children make new friends in your new home. 


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