What to Expect on Moving Day

All your hard work is leading up to moving day, but do you really know what to expect? A relocation from Singapore requires a lot of planning and you will be busy for weeks. Time goes by quickly so before you know it, the day has arrived and you feel somewhat lost. To make sure you have everything covered, here is what to expect on moving day. 

Be Well Rested and Well-Fed

Planning a domestic move is hard enough but things are even more challenging when you are relocating internationally. Even if you are not moving any boxes, you will be physically and mentally tired by the time you get to your new home. Go to sleep early and have a filling breakfast if possible.

If you are flying out directly after your household goods are packed, and you get anxious before travelling, try to eat something light. You might want to pack lunch, snacks and water for the journey to the airport or while you are waiting around. When you arrive to your new home, you will not have anything in the cupboards or fridge so treat yourself to your favourite takeout meal. 

Dealing with the Movers

The company in charge of your relocation from Singapore will let you know when to expect the moving crew. If you have any questions, the driver will usually be the one to ask. Allied will assign you a moving coordinator as well so you can always contact them with any questions you might have. 

Loading the Truck and/or Shipping Container

You should have an inventory of everything that is being transported so make a copy for the moving team and keep one for yourself. If you are asked to sign an assessment of the items, make sure you agree with everything in the statement. Once the goods have been loaded onto the truck or directly onto the container, you will be asked to sign a bill of lading, which includes the estimated delivery dates. Make sure you are satisfied with the outlined conditions. 

Pets and Children

If you are relocating from Singapore with pets, try to stay calm throughout the packing days. Your pets can sense stress and you should try to stick to their routine. If you have hired pet relocation services, the agent will come and get them at a predetermined time and date. In any case, make sure your pet has plenty of water to drink. 

If there are young children in the family, pack an activity bag to keep them busy throughout the packing. Make sure they have snacks and games to stop them from getting bored. If they have a comforter or a favourite toy, they should have it with them at all times. If possible, see if you can get a friend or family member to take care of your kids on moving day so they are under less stress.

Moving day will come with extra costs that you will need to consider in your budget. Include the cost of taxis, meals and any last-minute purchases.  

The team at Allied will be there to help you make moving day a success. Call us and let’s start planning. 


To find out more about Allied's moving services, or to book a consultation, visit www.alliedpickfords.com.sg or call +65 6862 4700.


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