Understanding Customs Requirements in Other Countries


Moving to a new country can be a difficult process for many people. There are many bureaucratic hurdles to jump through, so if you’re looking into relocation services in Singapore it pays to research all the requirements thoroughly. An easier way will be to contact a professional international mover so they can help you with the necessary documentation. A reputable removalist has experience and understands what needs to be done to implement a smoother move. If you are bringing furniture, valuable personal items, pets and even cars into, or out of Singapore, licenses or permits may be required before you take your first step in your new host country.

Singapore does impose Goods and Service Tax (GST) on items imported to the country, however, if you are a foreigner migrating to Singapore or Singaporean returning to your home country, you can apply for GST relief. You must show proof you are changing your place of residence to Singapore and that you are the owner of the imported items and you have owned them for at least 3 months. The articles must also be imported via sea or air and must arrive in the country within the first 6 months of moving to Singapore. You are not allowed to dispose or sell these items for at least 3 months from the time of import.

Motor vehicles, boats, yachts, alcohol, tobacco and all commercial goods are not eligible for GST relief.

If you need to bring medication into Singapore when you move, you cannot bring more than 3 months’ supply. For blood pressure, cholesterol and diabetes medication, you need a letter from your healthcare professional. Other items, namely anti-anxiety medication, sleeping pills and strong painkillers may need an import license to bring with you. It is important to find a physician as quickly as you can. One may allow you to sign up to the medical centre before you make your move, others may need you to be in the country first. Always take a copy of your full medical record so you make sure you receive the same prescription you currently use.

For your pets, quarantine may be Imposed if they have not been in the UK, Australia, New Zealand or the Republic of Ireland for the past 6 months. A range of vaccinations and blood tests, a health certificate, and microchip are required for most pets coming into the country.

There are different forms to fill out for items being carried on arrival into the country, articles being delivered when you are not yet in the country and those that arrive after you do. These can change over time, so make sure you are filling out the most recent documents.

There may be unexpected delays or bans and fees, so to be certain the items you wish to take with you and to know what will be taxable or dutiable, Allied offers comprehensive relocation services and understands all fees and travel limitations. If you are looking at obtaining work in Singapore, Allied can help organise your visa, your child’s new school placement and even find you the perfect home or accommodation through their relocation arm, SIRVA. And, of course, Allied's experienced consultants will process the paperwork for customs clearance.

To find out more about Allied's moving services, or to book a consultation, visit www.alliedpickfords.com.sg or call +65 6862 4700.


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