Top 5 Tips When Relocating Your Family from Singapore


Moving your family internationally is probably one of the most exciting and daunting tasks you’ll ever have to undertake as a parent. A move from Singapore will require a great deal of planning and, let’s face it, probably more stress than you anticipated. However, if you get organised early, the benefits will pay off for those you love most.

If a family relocation from Singapore is on the horizon and you don’t know where to start, the team at Allied Singapore has compiled a list of ‘to dos’ so you don’t get lost along the way.

Visas and Passports

Unless you are returning to your country of origin, you will need a visa. Your passports will need at least 6 months’ validity before you can apply for visas or leave the country. Make sure you renew your passports well in advance to avoid any setbacks during your family relocation from Singapore.

If you are a foreigner on any kind of work permit, you will need to notify the Ministry of Manpower that you are leaving so they can cancel your work pass, as well as any dependent passes linked to it.

Tax Clearance

If you are a foreigner leaving Singapore or if you are a Singaporean national who has renounced their citizenship, you will need to obtain tax clearance from the Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore. Your employer will need to do this on your behalf at least one month before you leave your job. This means your employer will withhold money from your salary to pay the tax you owe. You will be legally required to cover any outstanding amount, or you will not be allowed to leave the country.

Central Provident Fund

If you have a CPF account and are leaving permanently, you can close the account and withdraw your money. Singaporean nationals and permanent residents who wish to do this will have to renounce their citizenship/residency and move permanently to another country. Those moving to West Malaysia are exempt from this condition. If you are a Malaysian citizen who is a permanent resident of Singapore, you can withdraw your CPF when returning home. The CPF website lists all the requirements and conditions to be able to gain access to your money.

Find a School

If you are leaving in the middle of the school year, try to find a school that has a similar curriculum as the one your children are currently following. This shouldn’t be hard if you have enrolled your children in an international school in Singapore.

Take Cooking Lessons

There are other bureaucratic tasks that will require attention but there is one thing you will miss after a family relocation from Singapore – the food! Expats who have left Singapore don’t always miss the heat, but they certainly remember the amazing cuisine. Before you leave, make sure you know how to cook your favourite dishes. Perhaps it’s chilli crab, laksa, dosas or kaya toast. Whatever your food fetish, you will crave it so learning how to cook these popular recipes will help ease the pangs when you find you’re missing life in the Lion City.

If you need help planning your family relocation from Singapore, call Allied. Our expert international movers have years of experience successfully moving families all over the world.


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