Top 5 Packing Tips When Moving Apartments in Singapore

Packing boxes

Moving home is such a momentous event, which carries with it a range of emotions, both good and bad, for everybody who’s ever packed up and relocated in Singapore. Even if you’re moving to a larger, more modern or finer high-rise with great views and you’re excited about the move, moving out of your Singapore apartment is likely to be a chore you’re not looking forward to. 

The packing of your belongings into boxes is one of the most laborious jobs of the moving process, so the experienced team of movers at Allied Singapore have put together some apartment packing tips to help you on your way.

Create a Packing Timeline

If you have many weeks or months before your move, create a timeline for each week, stating what paperwork needs to be completed and which rooms you want to have packed. Doing it piece by piece will make it easier to manage, and you’ll have a good idea of what you need to do and by when.

Use Good-Quality Packing Materials

You could use boxes of any size and shape for packing, but we suggest using many boxes of the same size in order to make stacking them easier. Consistent sizes will make it easier for you to pile them out of the way while you pack. Do not opt for very large boxes for most items. When packed tightly, boxes can get very heavy, making the dropping or tearing of the boxes more likely. Strong packing tapes and thick black marker pens are also your friends when you move apartments in Singapore. Remember to label your boxes with the contents and the room in which they are intended to go once you arrive and unpack.

Pack Room-by-Room

Staring at everything you own, knowing it has to go into boxes can be overwhelming. Therefore, refocus your view on one room at a time then close the door on your unfinished sorting when you are not using the space. Once one room is all boxed up, the overall job will feel less daunting.

Take the Time to Dispose of Items

When it comes to apartment packing tips, the best one is to reduce the number of items you have to organise. Disposing of possessions before packing them will save you the headache of finding a place to store things long-term in your new residence. If you know you don’t need or want an item, get rid of it as soon as possible and save space and money.

Sit Back and Relax: Let Someone Else do the Work

Here at Allied, we do more than just move your furniture. We offer a packing service, as well. While you continue to work, take kids to school or simply take some time out before moving to your new address, our experienced movers can help you. Take the time to tick off the things you need to complete before you and your family are ready to move apartments in Singapore. 

Our team of trained staff can pack up each room, labelling boxes as they go. This allows you to live in your apartment until the day before your move, rather than in a jungle of boxes for months on end. The best part is, we will even unpack your items for you in your new home. Simply tell us where you want your furniture and we will unpack all your items to a flat surface so you can fill your drawers, closets and cupboards, and can continue with your everyday life from the day you move in.

If you enjoyed our apartment packing tips but want to take the more comfortable route, ask us to do all the hard work. Contact Allied on +65 6862 4700 or visit our website.