Tips To Help You Maximize Your Moving Allowance

When it comes to moving house, the allowance you set aside to cover the associated costs is often exceeded. Years of stored belongings and gathered furniture can appear deceptively easy to move but, once it comes to move day, you might be surprised by how long the process takes. If you’re planning on moving abroad to a foreign country such as Singapore, it’s even more critical to have a budget in mind. This is why it’s always a good idea to plan your allowance thoroughly, and do everything in your power to squeeze as much extra money as you can out of your budget.

It’s Time To Begin The Culling

The easiest way to make your moving allowance last is to make the move as seamless and efficient as possible. If you’ve been living in the one place for a long time, then it’s most likely been a while since you’ve done a complete spring clean. Once the cupboards, basements, attics and sheds begin to be emptied, you’ll realize just how many possessions and bits and pieces you have accumulated over the years. This is when you have to get ruthless and face the reality that some of it has to go.

If You Don’t Need It, Sell It Or Donate It!

This tactic has a two-fold advantage, firstly it allows you cut down on the amount of items you need to ship overseas, whilst adding some extra funds to your allowance. Having some extra money on hand also gives you the freedom to invest in moving insurance, which you’d previously had planned to forgo in an effort to keep within your budget. Getting insurance is advisable to those moving internationally, as there are many variables at play that Allied has no control over. Whilst we pack all of your belongings with the upmost care to ensure no damage ensues, sometimes things can happen when the shipping company receives your possessions, to the time they deliver them to Singapore. If you’d prefer to donate some of your belongings, Allied works with the Red Cross in Singapore to help support this.

Spending A Little More On A Reliable Mover, Means Spending Less Later

Taking the above into consideration, the moving and customs clearance process can be quite complex, and without the right preparation and knowledge, it could become costly—in terms of time and money. So, when choosing a moving company, finding an International Moving Company with a Global network is the safest choice to ensure that you will get the same standard of services delivered at both origin and destination.

In terms of labels and accreditations, companies that belong to the FIDI Network are those offering the highest standards in terms of services, financial stability and insurance coverage. Move experts and consultants cannot stress enough how essential it is to have a move well covered by a strong Insurance Program with an efficient Claim Center. Even if your selected movers take the best of care, there might be unforeseen losses, such as natural disasters or accidents, so always make sure to think ahead and play it safe.

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