Tips for Moving Bulky Items


Take Our Advice When Moving Bulky Items To Help Prevent Damage

Everyone’s taste is different, which means that the décor in every household is diverse. Some people may love the Louis XIV style furniture, while others are infatuated with Art Deco. Then there will be those who just can’t go past the clean and simple lines of modern furniture. If you’re the sort of person whose home is filled with oversized or unusually shaped pieces you’ve collected over the years, we recommend hiring professional Singapore movers to ensure there are no heart-breaking mishaps on moving day. To further help reduce the risk of damage when moving bulky items, there are some simple rules to follow before the removals team arrives.

Lighten The Load

Empty all the drawers in your dressers and clear items off shelves. Remove clothes from cupboards, crockery from cabinets and books from sideboards. You won’t need to take linen out of storage chests because, depending on the size of the chest, this may be a more efficient way to transport the piece and its contents. 
Remember to label boxes correctly, according to content and which room they belong to. If possible, dismantle dressers by taking the drawers out altogether. Tape cupboard doors closed to stop them swinging open during the move and remove glass table-tops if possible.

Protect Furniture, Walls and Floors

Many people overlook the possible damage to floors, walls and doors, as well as the items themselves. Veneered and painted furniture and doors can chip, while natural wood can dent easily. 

Use the correct materials to protect your furniture and walls from unnecessary damage. Allied movers and packers have a full range of professionally developed materials which have been specially designed to ensure that your home and belongings are protected during a move.  

Plan Your New Living Area in Advance

If you are moving into a new home with thin hallways or narrow staircases, you’ll need to take measurements of the bulkier items to make sure they’re going to fit and which pieces are best to come in first. This way, your movers will know how to pack the truck, with the first items to come out packed last at your old address. Until you’ve found the right spot for your furniture, don’t start to fill drawers, make beds, or hang clothes in wardrobes because you may have to remove it all and start again.

Save time and energy by pre-planning each room layout. Once the furniture is delivered by the movers, you don’t want to be asking them to move a piece of furniture around a room until you’re happy with the way it looks in a particular spot.

When moving bulky items, create a rough layout of what position you’d like them in the room, so the movers know where to place them straightaway. Pre-planning saves you from changing your mind later, once the movers have taken their handy moving equipment with them. For more pre-planning moving day tips check out our handy Pre Moving Day Planner.

Make Sure Your Singapore Movers Carry the Correct Tools and Equipment

Experienced movers will have the right equipment to ensure a seamless move, including helpful devices such as lifting straps, dollies, hand trucks, rollers, and furniture sliders to make the job easier. Furniture sliders, such as hard plastic sheets on carpet, can help you move large pieces without damaging the floor. Lifting straps make lifting items without handles much easier, so you can carry them evenly.

Make Your Move in Singapore Easier with Expert Help

If you’re moving bulky items in Singapore, Allied offers a range of moving services to help you avoid as much stress as possible. We also offer moving insurance, so talk to one of our friendly consultants to discuss your needs. If you’re moving overseas and require pet relocations or a pre-packing and unpacking service, we can also help you with that. Contact our international relocation experts on +65 6862 4700 for a free estimate, so we can do all the hard work for you.