Things to Do and See in Singapore Before You Leave

When you have been living in a place for a while, you stop noticing the things that stood out when you first arrived. Everything becomes familiar and eventually you get used to them being there. The same happens when you move to another country. If you arrived and had a list of things to do but did not manage to get through it, you probably are panicking now that you are planning your relocation from Singapore. Singapore is a small country but there is plenty to do and see. If you are getting ready to leave, make time to do the following before you move from this wonderful country.

Eat, Eat, Eat

When you first arrived in Singapore, you probably missed your favourite meals from your home country. If you played it safe for too long and did not give Singaporean cuisine a chance, then it is the time to start. If you did try what the local kitchens have to offer, then you better enjoy it as much as you can on your last days there. Indulge on chilli crab or durian. You definitely cannot leave without enjoying the latter, Singapore’s national fruit. If the smell has prevented you from trying it, you can give durian ice cream a go.

Go for Brunch

Singapore’s top hotels host Sunday brunches and they offer the perfect opportunity to eat delicious food and drink champagne. You can catch up and tell your friends about your future plans while the children play in the supervised playrooms that most hotels have.

Visit Pulau Ubin by Bumboat

Visiting Pulau Ubin is a must and what better way to it than by bumboat? This gorgeous island will delight anyone who wishes to admire what nature can offer. It is also home to Kampongs, so you will have plenty to do and see. You can go hiking, cycling, camping and see what a traditional Singaporean village looks like. The chance of these villages disappearing still exists so do not leave without visiting them.

Visit the Landmarks

There is nothing worse than living a city where you have lived for years without having visited its landmarks. Don’t let that happen to you. Visit the Changi War Museum and learn about a very important part of Singapore’s history. Visit the Durian, Merlion Park and the National Gallery Singapore. Of course, every expat should allow themselves the time to relax at the Botanic Gardens and Marina Bay.

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