The Rituals Chinese Follow when Moving House

The Chinese people are highly ritualistic people, who apply customs in their everyday lives. Be it in fashion, food, homes and even workplaces, the Chinese culture is thriving in Singapore. One such tradition is to practise certain rituals every time they move house. Some do it to please their religious parents, others are superstitious and some of the younger Chinese do it just for fun. Even other cultures have adopted the Chinese moving house rituals into their own whenever they move in Singapore. 

Let’s take a look at six Chinese home moving rituals practised by residents all over the world. 

1. Rolling a pineapple 

In Chinese tradition, the Hokkien term for pineapple is similar to the Hokkien term for welcoming prosperity. This ritual is as simple as it is. Take a pineapple and roll it all over the house while chanting particular phrases. This will bless and make your home prosperous and abundant for as long as you live there.

2. Have auspicious items when you walk into your new home

Unlike the pineapple, which signifies prosperity, these items symbolise all kinds of favour. From success, safety, good health and so much more. However, they have to be present whenever you step into a new house. Feng shui coins are favourable items, but a better alternative is fresh fruits. These fruits include pomegranates, peaches, apples and oranges. 

3. Boil water

Pour some water in a kettle and boil the water as soon as you settle into your new home. In Chinese tradition, this signifies warmth in your home and an improvement in your career. This is a crucial ritual as it is believed that if it is not carried out at the appropriate time your home will be riddled with shortcomings and problems. 

4. Distribute your wealth

Place sweets and other assorted candies all over your house on your tables and desks. Also, place non-folded notes of currency and place them where you store your money, such as a safe. Make sure your safe is clean and in perfect condition before practising this ritual. However, you will need to have your furniture installed in your new home to carry out this step. 

5. Open all the doors and windows in your property

The first thing to do when you walk into your new home is to open all the windows and doors in your home. This allows fresh air to flow throughout the rooms. The main purpose of doing this ritual is to refresh the positive energy and allow it flow to give your home a positive vibe. This helps make guests feel at home as soon as they walk in. 

6. Turn on all the taps and the stove 

Chinese tradition mainly involves the flow of energy, which revolves around people’s lives. Therefore, turn on all your taps and any electric appliances you have in the house for about three minutes. This ensures there is a continuous flow of energy all over your new home. Also, it activates the various parts of your home, such as your bedroom and kitchen. 

If you’re living in Singapore and need help moving to a new abode, please contact an Allied moving consultant to help you plan your move. Once you’re all moved in, practise these Chinese rituals for good luck and prosperity.