The Right Move To Make: How To Effectively Relocate Your Wardrobe


Moving under any circumstance can be an exciting, yet a nerve-wracking experience. Aside from the pressure and hard work of finding a new home, you must also face the challenge of boxing up everything you own and somehow transporting it, undamaged, to where you’ll need it next.

In a moving situation, clothing, shoes and the rest of your wardrobe will be a constant concern. Everybody needs clothes and different clothes require different levels of care and different solutions to keep them intact over what may be a long and harsh journey. While employing a qualified, professional moving firm such as Allied can ensure your goods are moved safely and quickly, you should still do all you can to protect them from harm. Here are our top tips for packing different wardrobe items:

Silk & Other Delicate Clothes

How easy it will be to move an article of clothing essentially comes down to the material. While fabrics such as wool are very robust, and synthetic or polyester clothing can be dropped and folded and stuffed into moving boxes without lasting harm, silk clothing especially, needs special treatment.

One of the best ways to move delicate clothing is in your suitcase; suitcases and traveling bags are designed to protect clothing in these situations. Carefully pack the clothing and pad out the gaps with tissue paper or other clothes to prevent your delicates from jostling.


Moving time will make you happy you kept all your original shoeboxes – or sad that you didn’t. Clean the shoes and make sure you stuff them with paper or socks to make sure they aren’t crushed out of shape. Avoid packing shoes on top of each other or too many to a box.


Much like shoes, these will need a special hat box to ensure safe transportation. Most hats are even more vulnerable to distortion than shoes, although some such damage can be repaired easily; look for information from the manufacturer.


Handbags can often be the most vulnerable and expensive items involved in a move; they are easily damaged and should never be simply packed in with other clothes. Protect the surface of your bags with dust bags (many handbags come with one). Then follow similar ideas to shoes: make sure the bags are firmly packed in tight boxes, surrounded by tissue paper or bubble wrap. We recommend that you can also pack the interior of the bag if you’re worried it could lose its shape.

In these situations, a professional moving company like Allied can offer invaluable support, taking care of everything and ensuring these delicate moves go off without a hitch. Speak to your international moving specialists at Allied when handling your next employee reassignment.

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